Review: Make bathing fun with Sud-Z-buddy soap

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Have your kids ever entered this phase where they simply hate bathing even though they used to love the water-splashing fun? It's almost Iike they just wake up one day and decide that enough is enough with bathing, and they start battling each bath with screams and cries. It's every Mommy's nightmare to deal with such resistance to bathing. 

I was fortunate enough to escape extreme resistances with my kids but I definitely have my fair share of bath refusals, and have to catch them to the bathroom from time to time. 

Sud-Z-buddy to the rescue! 
Here is where a fun soap may help with such tricky situations. We have often seen children's soap moulded into cute shapes to attract young children to use them. But Sud-Z-buddy is MORE THAN THAT! 

A toy,
A mild soap, safe for children's tender skin,
Lights up during bath! 

Sud-Z-buddy is a clear glycerin soap which comes in various animal shapes (currently only Ophelia Octopus and Clancey Clownfish are available in Singapore) with a light-up plastic toy inside. The soap lights up with water and glows with different colours as long as it is contact with water.  

What's the soap made of? 
Sud-Z-buddy is formulated with as little chemicals as possible - parabens, sulfates, fragrances and other ingredients which may sometimes cause sensitivity to children's tender skin are all eliminated. 
The ingredients stated on the packaging are: decyl glucoside, sorbitol, propylene glycol, stearic acid, vegetable oil, water, behenic acid, sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent), coconut oil, glycerine. 

How does the soap light up?
Simple! When Sud-Z-buddy is removed from the packaging, touch the bottom of the soap. It will light up.

To continue to keep it flashing, lather it up with tap water.

To stop it from flashing, rinse the soap off the soap, especially the bottom which has the metal contacts. Place the soap upside down on a flat dry surface. It will stop flashing after a few seconds (less than 10 seconds for mine) . If it doesn't, repeat the rinsing. 

The battery life of the toy is supposed to last for over a year if it is used properly and sparingly. 

What I like about the soap
I feel safe that the soap is fragrance and preservatives free, and will not cause any skin rashes - L and K have rather sensitive skins. 

The colour change offer therapeutic benefits to children especially those who have sensory processing issues. I found the slow changing of colours very relaxing and calming - almost hypnotizing me at some moments. But I didn't fancy the faster colour changes and found them too stimulating. 

It comes in a good size for the small hands, and the irregular shapes make it easier to grip onto the slippery soap. It's quite funny to watch K as she would chuckle loudly whenever the soap slips out of her palm. 

The plastic toy can continue to light up and last for over a year if used properly and sparingly. 

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It would be even better if...
  • ... the soap can last longer. L and K shared the soap and used it daily for 20 days. This is what is left:

  • ... it is priced lower. Retail price of Sud-Z-buddy is $8.90 (IMO, pricey for a bath soap!). 

Where can you get it?
You can get them at all Kiddy Palace outlets (except Bedok, Bishan, Ang Mo Kio and Clementi) and . With all the festive seasons coming soon, Sud-Z-buddy is a great gift for any child! [update: I just got news that Kiddy Palace and Mummytoon are having a discount for this soap!]

Get more info about Sud-Z-buddy soap here

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Disclosure: No monetary compensation was given for this review and all opinions are ours. We were given Sud-Z-buddy soap for the purpose of this review. 

[2 Jan 2016] 

Ms Katherine H., Ms Jasmine L., and Mr Andrew L.
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