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Everyone knows that Mary has a little lamb. But who is Mary

Mary H @ SimplyLambchops blog

Haha, that's me! In fact, I have not one, but three not-so-little lambs!

Something about Mary:
I am a stay-at-home mom with three fun-loving children Ch, L and K (who is born with Trisomy 21, or more commonly known as Down Syndrome). They create havoc precious memories for me everyday. 

I am a teacher by profession, but am very blessed to have a hubby who supports my decision to take a break from work. That really helps for me to be a more engaged parent to take care of my children's developmental and emotional needs, and to be more attuned to my spiritual life. 

Simply Lambchops is my personal online space for sharing stories about us with close friends and relatives. I hope that someday (well, it has already happened), my children will start reading about their childhood stories which I chronicle here and be encouraged by their strengths and talents from my perspective. 

It is my other hope that, through my blog, the world can see how being a parent is a privilege gifted by God and that the struggles and good moments in this parenting journey shape our character and draw us closer to Him. I hope the stories here inspire and encourage you as much as they encourage me. 

At the same time, through K's stories, I want to increase the awareness and acceptance of people with Down syndrome. Ditch the science textbooks and medical articles if you truly want to learn more about people with Down syndrome. Listen to our stories. Interact with us. Let your heart be open to understand and accept. 

Together, we can be the force to build a society that is more inclusive and accepting of people who are differently-abled. They are, after all, precious gifts from God too. 

On another note, many friends have asked about this and if you are also wondering why the blog name is associated with lamb chops, I used to tell my children that "...because when all of you are well behaved, you are like little lambs - so lovable and cute. But when you are not, I'll eat you up like lambchops!!!" *evil smile* Anyway, I love eating lamb chops. 

I do reviews of products, services and events which are beneficial for my family. If you would like to send us your product for review or have a longer conversation about what I have written, do drop me a note at 

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