Happy Mothers' Day!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Yesterday was Mothers' Day... but funny... coz I didn't reallly feel anything though it's my first mothers' day... perhaps coz Ch is still too young... I actually secretly wished that she can call me "mummy" yesterday... tt wld be my biggest present, i guess... but of coz... she din manage to mouth the word.. the closest she got din even sound like it.

Read yesterday's "The New Paper"... according to the ICA, 16,887 babies were born to first-time mothers... I added to the statistics! 3 moms shared abt their feelings being 1st time mums... one of them is a primary school teacher.. how I share those feelings written! the headlines wrote "baby made me resent my hubby. now he is couple's pride and joy"... another wrote "broke down once in baby room, now she's taking things slowly" and "baby's cries made her sigh, but smiles made her melt"... sigh... really... it takes a mum to understand a mum... now... i only look forward to coming home early so that i can see Ch and play with her... her smile really melts our hearts.

another article was about this unwed mum who died 3 days b4 her wedding... due to an ectopic pregnancy... out of every 1000 pregnancies, 5 to 7 are ectopic pregnancies... brought memories of my experience with Baby No. 1... an ectopic pregnancy too. i wonder if Baby is a girl or boy... ZY joked tt Baby No. 1 is a boy. perhaps if i can go to heaven... i'll be able to see Baby No. 1.

looking at Ch... I guess.. God heals each of our broken heart... with Baby No. 1 lost, I'm blessed with Ch...

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  1. Nevertheless, i think mummy shld feel very happy cos whenever charlene sees mummy, she always displays such great joy with a big big grin on her little chubby face.....

  2. Wow Mary, didn't know you started blogging since 2006 ! Sorry to hear that you lost Baby No. 1. Now in 2017, you are blessed with 3 lovely and healthy children so I believe you are grateful (to our Lord) mom ya ;-) . My mom once told me that I was not the eldest child as she miscarried her first unborn child. I wonder if it could have been my elder sister or brother.... I guess I'll only find out when I get to heaven :)

    1. Hello GMan! Nice to see you around on the blog. Wow, I didn't realise I have blogged for so long. But long-ago posts are mainly my daily ramblings. (:


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