Charlene at Hotel Intercontinental (2007)

Friday, August 17, 2007

We had a complimentary voucher for a one night stay at Hotel Intercontinental on the 29th June this year.

A funny incident happened that day. We celebrated the NCC day so all the NCC teachers and cadets had to wear our NCC uniforms. As I didn't have time to change out of the uniform, I wore it to the hotel. Though we checked in around 3pm (official check-in time was 2pm), the lady at the reception told us that our room was not ready, and that we had to wait for about 45min! However, after waiting for more than 45min, we were still not given our room! I got irritated and went to "confront" the staff at the reception desk, giving my explanations but politely requested for late check-out (which they rejected initially as they said that the hotel was fully booked the next day). The lady that I spoke to referred me to her manager and I was made to repeat my story right from the beginning. To cut the story short, the manager kindly agreed to the late check-out request and apologised for their service. We were given our room promptly and the lady (whom I complained to) even brought us up to our room.

Okie, the thing that tickled me happened here. The lady tried to create some small talk by asking if I worked for the SAF (since I was still wearing my no.3). I laughed and said no, I'm just a teacher in charge of NCC. She heaved a sigh of relief and said "oh, I was wondering how to handle you!" She must have thought that I was some demanding and stern lieutenant when I went up to complain to her!!

Overall, the stay was pleasant and relaxing. Ch loved the room. She explored the room from one end to the other end a few times when we went in. Didn't even spare the toilet! She also kept going to the window which faces the pool. When we asked her what she wanted to do, she only had one answer- go SHOPPING!

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  1. yeah yeah.. we love the room too.. u forgotten to mention that Gt n I went up to disturb.. hahahahahahhahaha!!!! oops!!

  2. yes yes!!! i forgot to mention tt! but no... u din disturb la...

    it'll be nice if all of us stay over at a hotel one of these days!


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