Sunday, September 09, 2007

This short conversation took place a while ago when ZY carried Ch.

ZY: Charlene, have you grown taller?
Ch: No, I am still short enough.
ZY: Are you sure? Have you grown taller?
Ch: I am still short enough. My hair has grown longer.
ZY: Yes, but are you taller now?
Ch: Er.. no... yes.. no...
Ch: I am taller now... because you carry me!


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  1. eh, u haven't posted for sometime, glad to see updates again!

  2. yeah anna... coz busy with work.. then little time to play/ do anything constructive at night.. and during weekends.. i'll be too tired to play much... so tt's why not that many posts.

    but.. in another 8 weeks.. sch is over!!!! *applaud applaud*

    so.. i'm alr thinking of the activities i can do with her during the sch hols! more posts to come!


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