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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finally have some time to update my blog. It has been a hectic and stressful month, but fortunately, life seems to be more peaceful now. Perhaps coz we are more aware of L's needs and wants, and have more or less a system of handling both kids. 

Here are some pictures to share, especially with those who have not seen the new kid on the block.

Many people have asked how Ch responds to her little bro. I must say that she's very nice to him. Of course, we do sense a little jealousy, but it only shows up occasionally. At least, she is very careful and loving towards L. She loves stroking his cheeks, arms, and kissing him. Sometimes, when visitors come, she'll even tell them to speak softly when L is asleep. 

This is L, when his jaundice condition was quite serious. Just to update, his jaundice is very low now, less than 100.The photo above was taken before he was admitted to KKH for jaundice. Notice he slept on his back? After he was discharged, he COULD NOT SLEEP ON HIS BACK ANYMORE! Too well-trained by the nurses for the photo-therapy. So now, we let him sleep on his tummy. The first night when we did that, I woke up so many times just to check if he's still breathing. Heard too many scares about the Sudden Infant Death (SID).

Love the photo above. It's now the wallpaper on my mobile *grin*

This is L. He was so hungry while waiting for me to get ready, that he conveniently found the corner of Ch's pillow and latched on! 

Sleepy L. See his chubby fat cheeks and double chin? Haha, a product of my breast milk! His face was red with milk rashes at that time. 

Ch was bottle feeding her yellow duck while surfing the internet in this photo. I guess she must be imitating me!

"Hello everyone!" says L. This is the latest photo of L. Now, he has baby acne and rash probably due to heat on his face and body. Everyday, I have to apply moisturizer on his face, if not his skin will be so dry and flaky. Reminds me of an ex-colleague of mine who has terrible eczema condition.

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  1. aaawww! so much things have happened.. Lucas is soo adorable! Welcome to the world, darling! and to the blessed parents, my congratulations!

    Adorable pictures! =)

  2. Dear Meixiang, I glad that everything is working out well now at home for Lucas. I jus read abt your blog on his Day 7 of his life and oh gosh, it must have been a nightmare for the 2 of you! I miss that entry totally and didn't call u or send my regards over earlier. Sorry.... btw, is charlene really surfing the net?

  3. haha, yes yingyin.. charlene is REALLY surfing the net.. but it's the playhouse disney website.. she is able to get around the site to play the games or read the stories. I was pretty amazed by the skills she has acquired, like using the mousepad, and clicking exactly what she wants in the website. Apparently, many kids of her age can do tt too!

  4. Wah Charlene is so clever! The pic of her next to Lucas is so cute! How's everything? Think the rest of us (ok me at least) are counting down to the hols. Hee..

  5. Hi Mary, I just visit your blog and get to know what happened to Lucas. Glad that baby is well and you've gotten things worked out systematically. I'm still reporting to school as first batch convovation is on the 1st Dec. Will pay you guys a visit after that. okie!!...till we meet...


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