Charlene in her ballet attire

Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 Dec 2008 - Ch participated in her dance centre's performance held at Victoria Concert Hall. This was her virgin performance, and she was supposed to be one of the red apples of Snow White. Through this performance, she experienced many firsts:
  1. first time being alone without mommy and daddy for two whole days 
  2. first time taking a school bus 
  3. first time dozing off on a friend's shoulder (her dance teacher took a video of the whole process- from the nodding of head to the soft landing on her friend's shoulder) 
  4. first time tying her hair into a little bun

Initially, I was rather worried that she would be overtired, or that she would miss us and start crying. Or that she would not be able to tell an adult that she needed to relieve herself (The management of the dance centre did not allow all parents to accompany their children during the rehearsals at VCH, except for parent volunteers.). After the full dress rehearsal which took 8 hours, I thought that she would ask to withdraw from the performance. But though she was a little unwilling to leave us to board the bus to VCH for the performance on the 10th, she rose to the occasion and persevered to the end.

My helper even commented that Ch was very brave, considering that she has not even gone to playschool or nursery. 

Mommy loves you, Ch!

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