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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Me: Whenever I feel sad or angry, I become happy when I look at your smiley face.
L: Mama, when I make you angry, I smile at you okay?

This is L. My number 2, who just turned 3 years in Sept. He is usually so sweet. Since he was about a year old, he would say "I love you, mommy" and shower me with lots of kisses and hugs. When I cry, he'll come over with a concerned look and stroke my arm or face gently, while saying "'Don't cry, mommy". When he does something he shouldn't and gets a scolding from us, he'll say sorry and give this puss-in-boots look that makes one melt. 

He's not only sweet to me. He adores his younger sister, K. Every morning, he will come over to my bedroom and call out to K with a smile. He showers K with lots of kisses too! L also helps to entertain K while I run to the toilet or take a break.

Even when he's sick, he will still come over, despite our constant reminders and warnings, to play and kiss K. We stopped him from going into my bedroom once, but that made him very miserable for the whole day.

Of course, he also has his mood swings. He can shout, beat or scold when he's frustrated. He can be very whiny and nagging too. When he wants something, he can repeat the same request over and over again like a broken record, until he is heard or scolded. 

There's something else which I notice about him. He is a very neat person (when he wants to). He would help to keep his toys and even his Jie Jie's after playing. He returns his bowl and cup to the kitchen after finishing his food. He is also very particular of the arrangement of things. Maybe he takes after his daddy in this area. Anyone who has been to my house and seen my table in the study room will be able to confirm that he is definitely not like me . He is SO neat and tidy that sometimes, it irks me to the max. This is especially so when I'm rushed for time, but he insists on taking his time to arrange his things.

Here are some examples which amuse me:

1. L has a favourite soft toy named Bruno. He'll always place Bruno on his right, and the bolster at the far right before he sleeps.

2. L finished his snack and asked if he could wash his own plate. I agreed and he disappeared for quite a while. When I checked on him, I found him in the toilet, drying the plate he washed with the hand towel! He even rewarded me with this big grin!

3. He likes to line his engines in neat, straight rows. 

Other than engines, he does that to shoes, CDs, and er... 

... chicken bones too!

4. Things are also placed at corners. He likes to put his bowl or cup right at the edge of the table when he returns them to the kitchen. See how aligned the CD case is to the edge of the table too?

Sometimes, I wonder if L has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), considering how orderly things must be lined up, and how things are arranged in a symmetrical manner. I guess I shouldn't complain and just take it that he is a super duper neat boy. Hopefully, when he is a teenager, he will still hold on to this trait.

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  1. Hahaha! Oh my gosh! He behaves like a grown up boy already! L!!! I miss Charlene! >.

  2. Hard to tell about the OCD thing. Does he get very upset if things aren't done neatly his way? This might be a passing phase, and he'll turn into a messy monster when he's a terrible teen!!! By the way, can ask him to come clean uncle Yong Yaw's office? My office super messy leh...

  3. I think all these traits make him even more endearing and special. muack!
    YY, forget it lah, your office will take him more than a yr, and still can't finish tidying... don't torture the poor boy. hahaha

  4. That's v good n u shd see ashlynne messiness n not like a girl. Despite we taught n helped her so many times.
    She would tell me " nevermind lor.. It is there , not lost "
    Simply do not take after me or Winston at this neatness traits. Perhaps I know who.. Lol.. Faintz

  5. I am not a mother but simply popped by through one of your comments on another blog that I follow. All your children are so precious and lovely. I particularly enjoy this post about L because I am quite like him too. What a gem - if I had a boy, I surely find such traits endearing! May the good Lord continue to bless you and your family.


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