(My?) Beach Poncho Project

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The weather has been so unbearably hot! My family practically sleeps with the air-conditioner every night and I have to bathe two to three times a day. To hide from the heat, we have also gone to shopping malls and swimming pools. I counted- just in the month of June, we have gone swimming more than what we did for the last one year!

Because of the increased frequency in swimming, I notice one problem- the kids complain of being cold after a swim as their towels keep slipping off their body. I want those cute beach ponchos but find it too expensive if I have to get for both kids. This prompted me to try sewing one myself. It would also be a nice present for each of them. I did an online search on Sunday night and discovered very beautifully done and easy step-by-step tutorials by Kyla from Funky Polkadot Giraffe and Fawnda from Fireflies and Jellybeans. Following the instructions given, it didn't seem too difficult for a novice like me who last touched my mom's sewing machine to sew a pair of culottes as my Home Economics project. Excitedly, I searched my cupboard for unused towels and cut the required pieces on Monday.

This morning, upon reaching my mom's place, I explained what I have in mind and started work. Since I had already pre-cut the towels, I only need to sew the pieces together. The first part of the project involved sewing the hood. Mom stood beside me and gave advice like how I should position my fingers to pull the cloth, which type of stitching should be used (although I already told her that the tutorial suggests the zigzag stitch).

Barely less than 5 minutes of sewing, I asked for help. The zigzag stitches did not turn out well around the curved p
art. Mom took over and happily helped to finish the stitching for the hood. 

Next, I had to sew the hood to a big towel. I started describing the steps written in the tutorial and Mom cut me off. Said something like that way of sewing is not strong enough to hold the two pieces together, and proceeded to snip and sew it HER way. I stood there, irritated by her good will. I probably raised my voice at her too. This was supposed to be MY beach poncho project, not hers. Why can't she just accept the way the tutorial suggested? Suddenly, the image of Mother Gothel from the movie Tangled appeared, and the song "Mother knows best..." started ringing in my ears.

(Source: http://www.eatthedamncake.com/2011/09/12/
Looking at Mom, a sense of guilt came. She just wanted to help. Her method might actually be better and she just wanted to share her sewing knowledge with me. Yet I did not appreciate.

How many times have I also done likewise, and insisted on doing something MY way when my children want to do it their way? Like insisting L to write his birthday greetings on a card for Daddy even though he only wanted to paint, and how I made Ch wrap her gift in the way I like it to be done.

Maybe, everyone of us becomes our moms when we have our own children?

Anyway, the poncho took 2.5 h to complete, and I merely contributed about 20% of the project. Nonetheless, I love the finished product! 

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  1. Wow so resourceful that you actually sought out how to do this! It's still your poncho cos you got the materials together and the 'how to'! :D

    Your daughter is really pretty!


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