Birthday party: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday celebrations are always a simple affair in my family. Just a simple family meal with a slice of cake and a candle. But this year, we broke the tradition and had three themed birthday celebrations in a row! It all started with a watermelon-themed birthday party for Ch in July. L saw all the fun we had planning for Ch's party and requested for a birthday celebration too. And since we agreed to both their requests, it wouldn't be fair to K if we didn't celebrate her one-year old birthday right? That was how we had a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star themed party for K in August, followed by a Siew Mai themed party for L in September.

Here is the background behind K's birthday party theme.

+ party invite.  These were printed on shimmery cardstock paper to bring out the theme of the celebration. 

+ party decorations.  I decided to hand-make the birthday bunting after having fun making one for the watermelon-themed party. The bunting read Kayleen is 1, and each letter was made of three layers - the top layer with a blue letter, the middle layer with scalloped borders which I painstakingly cut out because my lousy decorative scissors decided to fail on me, and the bottom white cardstock paper. 

Twinkle Little Star birthday party ideas by Simply Lambchops

Two helium balloons - blue and yellow - added shimmer to the party. The little stars strung on the cabinet were also hand-made. 

Menu for the catered dinner was printed on the same background as K's party invite and framed using a white wooden frame. I added my yellow smiley rubber star which I bought years ago.

+ party favors.  What's a birthday celebration without party favors? The honey stars and traditional chocolate biscuit sticks were a hit with the kids!

Party favors for Twinkle Little Star birthday party theme

 + party program.  Games were intentionally left out for this party as we wanted everyone to mingle and chat. ZY did a slideshow of K which brought back so many fond memories of K's candid moments. We also had a cartoon movie screened to entertain the younger guests too. 

Some of our guests

Happy birthday dear K! You are definitely the star in our family, and I will always love you. Mommy prays that you will continue to be healthy, meeting your developmental milestones at your pace with our help and support. I know that God has been taking care of you and people around you will see His mercy, love and power. Kiss you! Muaak!!

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    1. Nice nice! Effort eh! :) Here's wishing Kayleen a healthy life filled with peace, love and happiness! May she be successful and blessed in whatever she seeks to do! :)

      1. Pam, this is the one which you and family missed cos of chicken pox (?).

    2. Blessed 1st Birthday Kayleen! :) What a cosy and beautiful celebration indeed!


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