Birthday Blast! Watermelon watermelon!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When Alicia from Beanie N Us started a Birthday Blast blog hop, I joined in the fun and wrote about Ch's watermelon-themed birthday celebration.  

What will you think of when a 7 year old girl tells you that she wants to celebrate her birthday?

I would probably think about pretty princesses, fairies or some cartoon character related birthday theme. Yes yes. I hear you. I'm so stereotypical and boring right? That was why when Ch told me that she wanted a birthday celebration where her guests come to our place and eat watermelons, I was quite surprised. I mean, what kind of a birthday theme is that? How can I possibly just offer our guests watermelons and nothing else?

I didn't reject her. I just went “erm... o-k-i-e… let me think about it.”

After putting some thoughts into this interesting idea and with the help of Google and Pinterest, I got excited over all the fun wacky ideas I collected about a watermelon-themed party. We DIY our watermelon party decorations, had watermelon salad, watermelon jelly slices, birthday cupcakes with a watermelon look and even a watermelon-seed-spitting game that everyone loved! Click to read more >>

A Watermelon themed birthday party ideas by Simply Lambchops

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