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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Since K's birth, going to KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) has been a frequent affair for me. Sometimes, if she has two appointments in a day, I get to spend time with her while waiting. Shopping at my favourite places like Mothercare and having lunch - just the two of us - make the waiting time seemingly short. 

I also get to meet different people at KKH. As K is very friendly, her contagious smile usually earns smiles from people around her. Passer-bys will stop and play with her, or tell me how cute she is. Most of these people I will probably never meet again in my life, but there are the occasional few whom I feel more connected with. And this afternoon, I got to know a couple whom I'm still thinking about now. They have a 9 week old baby girl - Rachel - who has Down Syndrome too. R's daddy asked if K has DS, and we started talking. I could sense that they are worried about R's development and asked about K's progress and the intervention program she has. At one point - after I asked the couple if they are coping well with newborn R - the wife started crying. They shared that R is going for a surgery this Friday to correct a heart defect. I can imagine how much pain and anxiety the parents are feeling these few days before the surgery. It reminded me of how I felt when K had to insert the NG tube. No parent would want to see his own child being put through such an experience. It is too painful...

I am thankful that I have grown stronger emotionally since the day K was born. I will still feel sad and worried for K especially in terms of her physical health. But I am less fearful of the uncertain. I have experienced God's special care for K since she was born, and I'm sure He will always be with us. 

I am thankful that K is growing well, meeting her developmental milestones slowly, but surely. She is a testimony of God's blessings and I hope that through her, many parents will be encouraged. 

I am thankful for the love that friends have showered on my hubbs and I when we learnt about K's condition. And for new-found friends from Down Syndrome Association who share this special journey with us, sharing good advice and emotional support. I always feel a special connection whenever I meet parents who have children with DS. A simple nod or smile, and we just "click" emotionally. Hopefully, through the short exchanges with the various people we have met, I have given them the support they need. 

Here's a video showing a day in K's life. This was a project done by my god-sister-in-law and her polytechnic friends (and they got an A+ for this project!!). I like how the team portrays the love our family has for K. Unfortunately, daddy was working during the filming so you don't see him in the video. 

(Note: in the transcript, the sentence "... she has no muscle tone..." should be "... she has low muscle tone...")

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  1. thanks for sharing and inspiring.

    and yes K has such a contagious happy smile!!! Looking forward to reading more of her reaching her milestones!

  2. Nicely done video! Good on the kids for scoring an A+! Not even 2 years old, and Kayleen is the main lead in a shortfilm! She's a star!!! :)

  3. Love that happy pic of K on the piano bench. Thanks for sharing this clip with us. You're such a noble and brave mommy...So glad to know you here in SMB.

  4. I can see k is going to be a walking, living testimony for God. She's lovely!

  5. hello, randomly stumbled on your blog while looking at the SMB site. K is a lovely kid and thank you for sharing about your life and struggles in the video. My girl was diagnosed with GDD (global developmental delay) and I was very sad at first but I think God has his plans for us. Thank you and please continue to take care!

    1. Thank you Edelweiss for visiting Simply Lambchops :) God be with you too!


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