Happy 48th birthday, Singapore!!

Friday, August 09, 2013

It is our nation's birthday today! 

Singapore gained independence since 9th Aug 1965, and we have come so far as a nation. I'm proud to be a Singaporean, and feels especially so when I watch the NDP marching contingent segment. I look forward to the day L dons his SAF uniform and shaves his head to do his part for the National Service. I'm sure I'll be very emotional, but I hope I will not be too heart pain and end up fussing over him when I see him getting thinner and more tanned. After all, this is what a boy needs in order to grow up, and to understand the responsibility he is given - to take care of the family, and the nation. 

Many people walked around Marina Square wearing their red tops. Such display of national identity is so important as outsiders look at the challenges we faced and achievements we made over the past 48 years. We must remember to educate our children to continue the strong social cohesion we now enjoy. Their world will definitely not be the same as ours, and they will have many more challenges to overcome together as a nation. 

My whole family wore our red tops since this morning. We are somewhere near the floating platform and are waiting excitedly for the parade to start. The kids hope to catch the fighter planes fly past and witness the vibrant fireworks later on. And we will definitely be singing the NDP songs together with the tv!

Once again, happy birthday Singapore!! 

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