Wordless Wednesday #11 - Wisdom from L?

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I got a shock this morning when I saw this note near the bed:

It is from L. I was so puzzled... Why did he say 'do not WINE in the morning'? We don't drink, so why did he write about alcohol all of a sudden?

Then I recall. 

For the last 3 mornings, L had been whining and throwing a small tantrum each morning when he woke as he slept later than the normal bedtime. So yesterday night when he gave me that Puss-in-Boots-big-eyes-expression to indicate that he wanted to watch the Channel 8 drama at 9pm together with Ch, I said that he has to write a note as a reminder for himself that he will not WHINE this morning. 

Haha! This is my Joke of the Day! 

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  1. That is so funny! Words of wisdom! I love the things that little one says too!


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