Birthday party: Sept 2012 - The boy is four!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

(This is a super backdated post of L's birthday celebration in 2012. This post has always been nagging at me to complete it, so I decided to end my misery and get it out before he turns 6 this year.)

Year 2012, specifically between the months of June to September, was an especially hectic one for us as the kids wanted a celebration bigger than the usual quiet family affair. You can read about Ch's watermelon birthday celebration here and K's Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star celebration here. When L saw his older sister preparing for her birthday, he also requested for a themed birthday party. 

This was what we did:

+ party theme.  We went along with a food theme after we had so much fun with Ch's watermelon birthday celebration. Three-year-old L loved those small steamed dumplings with pork and shrimp paste called "siew mai" (he still does!), so after brainstorming a couple of his favourite food (like sushi party, starfruit party...), we finally agreed to adopt a "Siew Mai" theme for his birthday celebration! It was truly unique and fun!

+ party invite.  I used a free font that I downloaded to create a more Chinese feel on the invite since "siew mai" is a popular Chinese dim sum dish which we will definitely order when we have dim sum. 

+ party favors.  This time round, instead of candy and snacks for the children, dim sum toys were hand-sewn and packed for them to bring home and be part of their toys for kitchen play. I bought the tutorial pattern from Etsy. Am not good at sewing and pricked my fingers a few times, but looking at the final product, the pricks were worth it! The "har-gau" and "small bao" looked very authentic!

Siew Mai dumplings birthday party ideas by Simply Lambchops

+ party games/ food.  The main highlight of the celebration was a hands-on "siew mai" making session where we invited a well-known "Siew Mai Shifu" (师父 or Master) - at least well-known enough in our family cos she is my mom-in-law *grin* - to teach us how to wrap the "siew mai". Kids and adults had lots of fun wrapping the "siew mai". Some added too much meat paste, and their "siew mai" turned out broad and flat . 

See how engrossed everyone was under the guidance of the "Siew Mai Shifu"!

Some of us gave up in the end, and just added the meat paste to the dumpling skin and folded it. Nonetheless, the taste was still good!

"Siew Mai" party, so we had dim sum food like popiah (fried spring rolls), glutinous rice, steamed buns,
and of course, "siew mai"!

+ birthday cake.  L had great plans about his birthday cake. This time, he wanted two cakes so that there would be enough cakes to feed everyone. Plus, he wanted a chocolate and a vanilla cake. His reason - those who prefer chocolate can eat the chocolate cake, and those who prefer vanilla can eat the vanilla cake. Isn't that sweet and considerate of him?

On behalf of my family, I thank all my friends and family members who attended L's birthday celebration. Your presence and participation made the "siew mai" party a success. It was really fun seeing each other's out-of-shape "siew mai", and having a good laugh about it. The company was great and there was opportunities for all of us to mingle and interact with one another. 


I promise this is gonna be the one and only time where you are invited for all their birthday celebrations 3 times in a row. And to myself, I am reminded never to give in to them and/or make myself busy over their birthday celebrations 3 times in a row too. 

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  1. The hand sewn dim sums are so so cute!!

  2. Such a creative idea! Hardly see birthday parties centered around a food theme heh. I've seen cakes in designs like bao and sushi recently.. perhaps there's a siew mai cake too! :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thank you Ai!
      Maybe I can customise a siew mai cake for his birthday this year!


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