My prayers for the Chinese New Year

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Day 4 of the Year of the goat! 

The kids (pun intended!) at Simply Lambchops wishes everyone

As I busied with the preparation for CNY, I also felt a tinge of uneasiness as each day past. It felt like something awful was going to happen. Perhaps that feeling was contributed by the fear that K might fall sick again. She fell very sick and was admitted to the PICU on Day 4 of the CNY last year. 

We are watching her closely and keeping her at home this time round. Although the visitations did feel incomplete without K, we know that is the best thing for her at this moment. The only visitations K got this year were to my in-law's and parents' place and I'm thankful that our relatives have been very understanding about this. K was also very happy to be out of the house, as these are rare occasions for her for now (except for the doctors' visits and therapies). I am just so so grateful that this year's Chinese New Year (CNY) is not spent at the hospital. 

That being said, I am mindful of the parents whose children are sick and need to spend their CNY at the hospitals. CNY for them will be a quiet affair, and I can definitely relate to that feeling of not knowing when their children will be well enough to go home. As I continue to pray for K's health, I also pray for these parents that this new year will be a more blessed one for them, and that their little ones will be able to get well enough to be discharged soon. For those who need a longer time to recuperate from their sickness, I pray for them to be able to continue receiving the best care while they are at the hospital. 

May God's grace be full and overflowing for all of us.

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