Sensory Play and Crafting! A MyMessyBox Review and Giveaway Part 2

Saturday, March 14, 2015

# This post is part 2 of MyMessyBox Sensory Play Review.
You can read part 1 of the review here.

Today is officially the first day of the school holidays! Once he reached home from school yesterday, L exclaimed, 

"Do you know that I am going to have 9 days of school holidays?", 

and gave a big, satisfied grin. Yes, my son, I definitely know that. 

Everyone looks forward to the school hols, as that means later waking hours (definitely yay for me!), more time to play and rest, more time to catch up with their leisure activities, and less homework! 

The kids slept till 9 am this morning, and watched their favorite TV programs while having breakfast. They are usually busy with their school work during school term, so these have also become rare indulgences (and their days are not even packed with enrichment classes!). 

The rest of the morning was spent playing together, and doing crafts. What better way to spend the lazy Saturday morning than to be with our loved ones at home!

I took out an Explorative Pack from MyMessyBox and the play continued spontaneously, with the older ones joining in the sensory play. It is always a joy to see K with the older ones, as they make her laugh so much with their antics. 

Where are the buttons?

Colourful cornstarch building blocks! I wish it came in a bigger pack though.

Initially, the focus was on the sensory play which consists of cornstarch building blocks, buttons and straws included in the Explorative Pack (theme of the box: Monster Attack). Sensory play is essentially a hands-on learning experience which uses materials to engage a child's senses, and develop his creativity and imagination. There are many benefits for a child to be engaged in sensory play, and I encourage you to do that for your child right from birth. 

Then the pretend play started with lots of animated talking from Ch. K looked on intently and I am sure she was absorbing and learning everything.

Lots of fun imitating each other and making monster faces with materials from the pack.
The older ones also wanted to do some crafts, so I took out two Creative Packs from the boxes. See, that is the beauty of MyMessyBox - the materials are all thoughtfully packed into three different bags:
Active Pack which contains toys and figurines for an imaginative play related to the theme.
Creative Pack which contains the craft materials for exploring the creative side of the kids,
 Explorative Pack which contains all the base materials required for a fun sensory play and to improve their fine and gross motor skills,
You can just grab and go with any of these packs, and they make a very good busy bag for the little ones during your church worship, or while waiting for your food to be served at the restaurant. 

First experience with snow dough (theme of box: Sea of Dreams)

Monsters invaded my house! (theme of box: Monster Attack)

Isn't it a wonderful time-saver for parents who want to have some bonding time with your children, but don't have the chance to round up the required materials? Every thing that is needed for each craft has been included in the pack. That is a gesture of thoughtfulness from the team at MyMessyBox. 

And although these crafts look simple for the older children, it takes a lot of planning, experimentation, and good dexterity to handle some of the materials. For instance, the snow dough requires some pulling, pinching and rolling actions of the fingers. That helps to develop and strengthen the pincer grasp for the younger ones. A word of caution - some of the materials are small in size, so do supervise your child when playing. 

We will be looking forward to our next sensory adventure by MyMessyBox!

               SPECIAL GIVEAWAY (14 - 23 March 2015)!               

As promised in part 1 of the review, we will be giving away a MyMessyBox (theme of box: The Whimsical Garden) to TWO of our Simply Lambchops readers! A big thank you to the kind folks at MyMessyBox!
In order to qualify for the giveaway, please complete ALL the following steps:
1) 'Like' MyMessyBox on Facebook,
2) 'Like' and Share this Facebook post. Do make sure you set the privacy of the shared post to PUBLIC for verification purposes.
3) Leave a comment on this Facebook post to tell me that you have completed all the steps.
This giveaway will end on Monday 23 March, 2359 hrs and the winner will be selected through a random draw. Results of the draw will be announced here.
Congrats to Ms Teng Yin and Mr Gordon Ngiam for winning the giveaway! 

Please check your FB Messenger for details soon! 
Thanks everyone, for participating!

Terms and Conditions
This is a local giveaway. Claiming of the giveaway prize will be through the sponsor MyMessyBox. The winner will be contacted through Facebook Messenger and/or email and has 48 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be drawn. All incomplete entries will be disqualified. All entries will be verified before the winners are announced. To be fair to our sponsors, please note that all fake Facebook accounts (e.g. accounts set up purely to take part in contests with no or very few real friends) will also be ineligible to win.


MyMessyBox has kindly offered a 5% discount to all Simply Lambchops readers who take up their subscription! Just enter the code below when you check out your cart!

You get to save more with the 6-months or 12-months subscription. 

No frets if you have more than one child. MyMessyBox offers a Sibling Add-on to your subscription with an additional $10 per month for another set of materials. 

You can also get a free reward chart if you sign up for the mailing list on their website. An email with the download link will be sent to you. 

More information can be found on MyMessyBox's website and Facebook page

Disclaimer: The children were blessed with the boxes by MyMessyBox for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are ours.

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