Reminiscing the Children's Day Fiesta

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Children's Day has always been the most special day of a child's primary school life. Most often than not, the child comes home with a bag of presents and sweet treats generously blessed by their teachers. It is amazing how generous teachers can be during Children's Day, and how much thought they put in to make this day memorable for their pupils. 

Although memories of my own school celebrations are fuzzy now, I still remember we always had performances in the school hall, and our teachers would entertain us with funny skits or songs. Community singing of the Malay song "Semoga Bahagia" was also a tradition. School hours would also be shortened. 

This year, I had the privilege of celebrating Children's Day again - as a parent helper. On that day, all the pupils went to school in their favourite colour instead of their school uniform. 

I could sense the excitement brewing in the air as I stepped into the school compound with the kids. The teachers dedicated a lot of time to prepare for this event, and they even stayed till quite late the night before, to decorate the compound. I have to commend the teachers for their effort. They did a wonderful job in creating a celebratory feel with colourful decorations, balloons, gifts and performances.  

Simply Lambchops celebrates Children's Day

As with past Children's Day celebrations by the school, there are always two segments - a concert in the hall where the kids are treated to a variety of purposeful performances which focus on the school values that fit the celebration theme, and a 2-hour carnival where the school compound is turned into ONE BIG PLAYGROUND with food and games stalls. To make the celebrations more meaningful for their pupils, the school has always used this event to raise funds for charity through the sale of coupons. Each coupon is priced at $1, and they can then be used to purchase food or play games during the carnival.

This year, the teachers made the CD Fiesta extra special for the Primary 4 pupils. These young ones had a chance to get into action and actively "work" for this charitable cause. They were tasked to manage their own game stalls with friends from their Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). With this opportunity, the pupils had to put the skills they acquired into practice. These 10-year old pupils had to plan the game prior to the event, organize the equipment and manage manpower help, take care and account for the coupons collected, as well as other entrepreneurship skills needed to attract "customers" to play their games. 

It didn't matter if the children had to miss out some fun while tending to their game stall. That 30 mins of duty gave them the experiences and fun of being in charge like a big brother or sister of the school. For some kids, this could be the first time they had to open up and talk to a school-mate they have never met. 

There was a variety of game stalls - there were those that challenge your dexterity, a crafting stall that personalise keychains using shrink-art, the popular bouncing castle, and free movie screening too. 

Other than helping out with the 9 food stalls and 18 game stalls, some of us from the Parent Support Group (PSG) helped to plan and manage our "F1 Car Racer" game stall. Very glad that we were given such a big air-conditioned room for this purpose! Do you also know that the whole racing track was done up by 3 mommies?!

This game attracted a big crowd of boys over to pit their skills against others in a game of remote-controlled car racing. We even had a pit stop for repairs or a change of batteries. 

Simply Lambchops celebrates Children's Day
Canon Photobooth at Children's Day Fiesta
Parent helpers for our F1 Car Racer game stall

Thanks to the kind gesture and generosity of Canon Singapore, each young F1 car racer received a 4R print-out to preserve this precious memory of the fun they had at the car racing game stall. The print-out came with a nice paper frame for display too. Other than the children, parents also went wild taking photos with other parents whom we have formed close friendship with, as well as our own family photos. And to add to this special occasion, we also had a photo with a rare visitor of the school!

Canon Photobooth at Children's Day Fiesta
Daddy ZY took leave that day to be the Photobooth photographer 
Canon Photobooth at Children's Day Fiesta
Canon Photobooth at Children's Day Fiesta
The printing "aunties"

It was a pity that there wasn't enough time for me to check out other stalls, but thoughtful Ch and L bought some fries, hotdog buns and drinks for ZY and I. Er teachers... maybe a longer carnival time next year?

Some of the pupils were approached to share what they liked most about the CD Fiesta, and this is what they say:
"The Primary 4s got the opportunity to run the stalls for the school. I was assigned to help with the Young Innovators' booth. This to me was very satisfying." ~ Randolph, P4 

"I enjoyed the novelty games, especially the ones we picked marbles with chopsticks. And most importantly, we got to win prizes." ~ Randilyn, P2 

"I liked racing car the most as I had an opportunity to race with my friends and it was very exciting!" ~ Wei Xuan, P2 

"Loved playing at the "Score" game stall because I can score many goals and win prizes." ~ Brendon, P1 

"Love the CD Fiesta, like games and food, especially cotton candy." ~ Hew, P1
"Seaweed chicken... and art key chain." ~ Zoey, P4 
Other than raising a remarkable sum of $5989.67 for Community Chest, this Children's Day Fiesta accentuated many values and positive attitudes a child should have. I am exceptionally impressed and heartened to know that a friend's daughter donated about 100 books from her personal collection and sold them at $1 or $2 to do her part for charity. That is what Children's Day should be about, isn't it? It's not always about the receiving, but the willingness to pay it forward.
Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go, 
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

"Chasing the Rainbow" was this year's CD Fiesta's tagline to reflect the pupils' pursuits to fulfil their dreams. As we look forward to next year's Children's Day celebrations, let us remember this year's theme - that there will always be a rainbow out there, waiting for our children to catch it. We may not see the rainbow every day, but we know that it's there, and will appear at the appropriate time. The key is, no matter how slow it takes, we have to keep moving towards it, and not be contented to just stay on the spot. 

Let us not dictate which rainbow to chase, but allow our children to chase the one they like, be it big or small.  

Disclaimer: All photos are from the school and PSG, unless otherwise stated. 

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  1. Wow they really went all out to make the kids feel happy and loved on Children's Day! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. I am always supportive when the school involves the kids (and parents too in this case) in community work. It really allows the kids to put the values they have learnt into action. I'm an advocate of that. And to do it on Children's Day is even more meaningful! :)

    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

  3. Children day celebrations is so fun nowadays. The children got more presents too. Am sure the kids had fun.

  4. Children day celebrations is so fun nowadays. The children got more presents too. Am sure the kids had fun.

  5. Lovely teachers and supportive parents. And to raise funds through such an event is so meaningful as it also teaches the children to care and share.

  6. What I remember about my kids Children's Day celebration is all the food , activities and smiles. I was a volunteer photographer before and was happy just capturing the kids' happy faces :)

    cheers, Andy

  7. The Children's Day celebration managed to raise so much funds, kudos to all the parent helpers and the children too!

  8. I love the Children's Day Fiesta's tagline. It's true we should always strive for something in everything we do, no matter how big or small the goal is, because when it's attained, it is always beautiful.

    Michelle at The Chill Mom

  9. Haha I really don't remember having such a big celebration for children's day in my time. Ya there were performances and ah cool hours were shortened like you said but not games leh. These days kids are so lucky!

  10. What a beautiful way to celebrate Children's Day and also to give back to the community. Well done, parent volunteers! I bet the kids had so much fun and enjoyed playing towards attaining the goal ;)


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