Love is everywhere - RDSS Christmas party

Monday, December 28, 2015


It is a universal language - and often, it's a language that does not require words to be expressed. 

Love was overwhelming at the RDSS (Rare Disorders Society Singapore"Christmas is Christmas" party last Saturday. As I sat at my table, soaking in the scene of radiant-looking Mommies catching up with one another, excited kids, flying balloons that escaped from the children's hands, and Santa with his big bag of snacks, I caught the smiles of sweet Vera who looked very happy that afternoon, and baby Yujia who got excited over my balloon hovering above her.  

It didn't matter if our children have hearing or speech problems, with physical or intellectual disabilities. Love transcends all boundaries. 

It is love that brought each special needs child into the world. 

It is love that gives every parent the strength to carry on living, and doing his best for the special needs one and all the other children in the family. 

It is love that opens up a world of friendship and support, bonding the Mommies through our daily chats on Whatsapp. 

And it is love that motivated the amazing Mommies to form a committee to organise the Christmas party for RDSS's beneficiaries and their families. 

The party was the best I've seen. Each child was given a goodie bag. That was not all. Each goodie bag was CUSTOMISED to suit the child's needs. To top it off, every family was given a fully-packed goodie bag with a load of useful items and a door-gift with NTUC vouchers and ZooMoov free ride! The Mommies spent hours packing all the bags of love, and a lot of effort to find sponsors for the things we enjoyed. There was so much careful thought put in to make every family feel the love during this festive season. Thank you ladies! 

The party had no lack of inspiring moments. Peishan played on the keyboard, making beautiful music note by note, and proving to the audience that she is able despite her limited finger movements. May Tham (mother of Vera) serenaded us with her melodious voice. The two songs she composed were very meaningful stories of her love for Vera, and reminded us of the love for our own, despite all the challenges we have to face with them. 

The world may look at our special needs children as incomplete or imperfect, but to the parents and our Maker, they are every bit as complete and perfect as He has made them. And most definitely, He loves each child. 

Just like what May sang in the song she wrote for RDSS, "My love is not rare, it is everywhere.". 

May Tham singing "Love is not Rare", with the company of Vera who has Trisomy 18, a rare disorder

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  1. Thank you for supporting our society and hope to meet up with you more often. Kenneth

  2. Thank you for sharing, Mary!
    I am sure the kids will appreciate the extra efforts which parents go through to bring out the smiles.

    If you need any social-media campaign shoutouts, I would be happy to assist.

    cheers, Andy

  3. Such a beautiful post! I've never heard of RDSS. But now I know, because of this wonder post.

  4. Yes, love is everywhere. always happy to see children enjoying themselves and everyone in RDSS has done so well. :)

  5. It's group like this that helps bind the community and bring love to everyone. Everyone deserves to have fun and be love. RDSS did well and we need to drive more awareness of all these special groups online.

    Mummy C

  6. such a sincere and heartwarming party that brings so much joy to the families. I'm sure the effort truly was rewarded with happiness and smiles.


  7. such a sincere and heartwarming party that brings so much joy to the families. I'm sure the effort truly was rewarded with happiness and smiles.


  8. This is so so awesome! RDSS is doing a great job!

  9. Brilliant and it feels great to be a part of these group to support and spread some love to little kiddo.

  10. Beautiful post, beautiful party and lots of beautiful families. Love transcends all limitations and boundaries. Kudos to the organising committee for making Christmas such a memorable and special one for the kids!

  11. Oh wow, I'm such a mountain tortoise... first time hearing about RDSS. This party sure rocked the worlds of the children involved! Thanks for sharing ;)


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