DSA 20th Anniversary Launch - Kite Flying & Family Carnival

Friday, January 22, 2016

When your newborn child is diagnosed with Down Syndrome, who do you turn to for support and advice?

Thinking back, I was glad that K's paediatrician remembered to inform us of the Down Syndrome Association (DSA) here. Because many good things came out of that call to DSA. 

From that call, DSA helped me to connect with one of the best paediatricians who is well-known among the local Down Syndrome community. I was assigned a parent mentor who brought hope and love when she knocked on my door during my postnatal confinement. She came with her son, Alan who also has Down Syndrome, and he amazed me with his eloquent speech (at that time, I had that misconception that all people with Down Syndrome couldn't talk and had slurred speech). A gathering for new parents brought many of us together, and friendship blossomed till today. I was also introduced to many parenting talks held at DSA, and picked up good tips from the speakers and other parents. 

DSA is a self-funded, non-profit Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) that was set up in 1995 by a group of parents who have children with Down Syndrome. The Association works closely and regularly with healthcare and educational professionals, as well as other VWO, and aims to:

  • develop individuals with Down Syndrome through life-long learning and social integration
  • support families through specialist services, information and education
  • advocate for equal opportunities, quality of life and their contribution to the society

This year, DSA celebrates 20 good years of empowering the differently abled and their families through various family support programs they provide. The 20th Anniversary celebrations will kickstart with a Kite Flying & Family Carnival!

Date: 27th February 2016, Saturday
Time:11am - 8pm
Venue: Grand Lawn of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. 

This event is open to public and DSA attempts to create the record of the largest human kite formation on the Singapore Book of Records!

What to expect
A mini carnival with food and games to entertain the young and old. Carnival coupons (which come in sets of $10) are available for purchase to buy food and play the games (Uncle Ringo, bouncing castle and other games stalls). A free gift (while stocks last!) will be given for every carnival coupon purchased. Enjoy food by Old Chang Kee and talented home chefs from SgEatWithUs. Halal food will also be available at some of the food stalls. 

There are other activities happening alongside with the carnival - Kite Making workshop and Kite Coloring contest (with prizes!) by Singapore Kite Association, community performances and stage performances by the members of DSA. Registration for the Kite Making workshop and Kite Coloring contest is free, but do register early with DSA as there are limited slots. 

Take the whole afternoon to laze around at the Grand Lawn and pit your kite flying skills with your friends and family. 

And nearer the evening, have a picnic with your loved ones while enjoying the spectacular display of LED kite flying showcase under the stars. 

Record-breaking moment
Be a part of the largest human kite formation to help DSA enter the Singapore Book of Records! This will take place around 3pm and the friendly volunteers will be around to usher the crowd for the formation. Just be ready and pose for the record-breaking moment!

What you will receive
For DSA members, each participating member with Down Syndrome and one caregiver will receive a free event t-shirt if you register for the event. 

Free kites will be given every hour (while stocks last!) to those who join the kite flying activity. You can also bring along your own kites. 

Where to get the carnival coupons
Carnival coupons will be available for purchase from the first week of February. Do contact DSA to make your purchase or head down to the coupon sales booth on the event day to get some. 

How to register
Registration for the following events is preferred and appreciated:

  • Kite Making workshop  
  • Kite Coloring contest 
  • Human Kite Formation for the Singapore Book of Records (opens until 3pm of the event day)
Contact Andrew (andrew@downsyndrome-singapore.org) or Lynette (lynette@downsyndrome-singapore.org). Alternatively, call DSA at 65009309 by 15 February. 

For DSA members, do check your email for more info.

Will you be there to show your support for someone who has Down Syndrome? If you do not know anyone who has Down Syndrome, your mere presence and participation will still greatly encourage the families in the community too! 

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing and bring us closer to the world of persons with Down syndrome and the challenges that parents faced. Hope to see all at the event on 27th Feb '16

  2. What a meaningful and exciting activity!

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey with a DS child, it will certainly be helpful in moving towards a more inclusive society!

  4. THanks for sharing this meaningful event. Will drop by if i'm not working that day. Currently I am looking after a DS child also and I salute to all caretakers for their love.

    1. Hope to see you! Maybe you can bring that child along to join in the fun!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I've shared it on my FB Page! Btw, I really love your little sweetheart in SeaApple! =)

  6. Love this wonderful event. Thanks for sharing... I'm gonna share on my FB page as well :)

  7. The support from like-minded community is so important. Am glad DSA is doing such an awesome job! Enjoy the kite-flying event next Sat!

  8. DSA is really working hard to bring more support to this community! I really feel like Down Syndrome still carries a huge stigma.

    1. It still does, Debs! But things will definitely improve when everyone who cares enough, puts in a little more effort to help. :)


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