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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Whether a woman is a stay-at-home mom or a full-time-working mom, we have expectations to fulfill and deadlines to meet every day. There is no need for comparison about who has a better life, or make remarks like "Wah, so you are a tai-tai!" (translated: rich lady who doesn't need to work but just whiles her time away with activities like shopping and having afternoon hi-tea).

So today, I share a closer look of a weekday in my life in October.

A typical day of a stay-at-home mom who is on no-pay-leave-and-thinking-if-I-should-go-back-to-work.

The daily routines are somewhat similar each day. Depending on the moods of the kids, or where we have to go in the afternoons, sometimes I get really "hot" (as in angry), and on some days, it's a breeze, and we can even chill over ice-cream.

Just for fun, tell me how many trips did I make on this day.

Mornings (6:20 am onwards)

My day wakes with a stretch and a stiff body. I think my body is calling out desperately for daily exercises. Blood circulation doesn't seem too good lately, and I always wake with a very stiff body.

Ch is already awake and brushing her teeth. I have to wake L and (sometimes) carry him to the toilet.

By 6:55 am, the kids are done with their breakfast and ready to walk to school with me. (picture was from last year's Day in the Life post, but the view looks pretty much the same after one year)

I catch up with my phone messages and Facebook updates when I get home, accompanied by my cup of coffee and whatever has been prepared for breakfast. This morning, I had a nice chat with a mom whose child was recently diagnosed with special needs. Sharing my experience with her encourages me as much as it has encouraged her too. Thank you for contacting me, and I hope to hear more from you!

On days when K attends school (she only attends school on three weekdays for now), I'll have to wake her up at 8:20 am and brush her teeth. Her school is just a short drive away, but it takes 15 mins for us to leave the house, walk to the car, strap her in the car seat, and drive over.

The rest of the morning looks like this if K is at school:

I have been dropping in at K's school during snack time as she needed help and a watchful eye to drink milk from a cup safely. She could easily choke or show signs of aspirations which is not good for her lungs. But ever since the feeding tube was removed (a blog-worthy post for this milestone!), she has been drinking much better too. The teachers and I agree that she is more independent now, hence I will stop going over during snack time. That also means more time for me to complete some work.

This morning is spent completing my Bible lesson on Rebekah which I will be teaching in the ladies' class at the church I'm with. Else, I'll be crocheting or clearing emails and blogging. And yes, that is my table. The messy one with all the things I love in my life - coffee, Bible, yarn, crochet kit, and mess. I'm keeping it real for you.

Afternoons (12:20 pm onwards)

I drive over to K's school and have a short chat to find out how the morning has been for K. Good, she finished her milk within the time given. A happy update about her new milestone!

There is an hour of spare time before I pick the older ones. Time to prepare K's lunch while she watches Peppa Pig on TV.

After Ch and L are back, we have lunch together. I still need to work on getting L to eat faster - reading and eating are two activities that should not come together for kids.

I get hit by the after-lunch food coma quite badly. Snooze or another cup of coffee? I choose to snooze. Have to recharge before making another trip out.

K has her weekly one-hour feeding therapy at the hospital where she plays with food. She always looks forward to play with Aunty Jocelyn, her feeding therapist. I accompany her and get some sensory play too. She is still resistant to putting food into her mouth other than purees but she is showing signs of improvement. At least she is willing to kiss a slice of apple or a pear. She had a recent breakthrough where she bit a cracker with her incisors!! I clapped and cheered like mad when she did it.

Evenings (6:45 pm onwards)

Dinner is served by the time I reach home. Ch and L usually have a head-start so that we will not be too late for bible class at the church building. Usually, by this time, I'll be very tired and in a foul mood, so dinner is a quick one for me. In between bites, I get updates of what the two older ones have completed for their revision as the year-end exams are approaching and they share interesting things that happened in school.

By 7:20 pm, we hurry out of the house. I'll usually be fuming mad by this time as we tend to be late for bible class even though we stay so near the church building. The drive cools me down while the kids sing or chat in the car.

After we come home, the kids get ready for bed. We pray together and L comes to me for a hug. I spend a bit more time with K and give her her last milk feed. K is a night owl and needs her bum bum patted to lull her to sleep. By the time she dozes off, it's usually past 11 pm and I am also in la-la-land by then.

Where's hubby at this time? Poor guy has to eat his dinner alone. He wishes for my company but my body is so tired by that time.


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  1. Thanks for hopping on the train, Mary! Am always so encouraged by how you manage to care for your family and yet also have time to help others! And it sounds like K is making steady progress, such great news!

  2. Wow your day is also super packed huh! I think most mummies cannot escape from that... kudos to u to still be able to squeeze in bible studies!

  3. Guess all mums have super duper packed schedules. Let's jia you!

  4. Busy busy Mum! Many folks fail to appreciate the efforts of SAHM.

    cheers, Andy

  5. Moms are always busy 24X7...Even if SAHM even if FTWM...Oh yes, even I have to do something regularly for my stiff body sooner.

  6. Thank you for sharing your struggles that all mums feel. The need to juggle the kids and housework and tiredness and feeling guilty about not spending enough time with the hubs. :(
    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

  7. Thanks for the candid sharing and letting us 'peek' into your life which is certainly jam-packed with activities! This year I'm kind of like a SAHD with my study leave and all and can certainly identify with what you're sharing. Thanks!

  8. At times, I feel it is blessed to be.busy and doing things for our loved one. Imagine will grow up.


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