Firefighters Pretend Play at Gymboree

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ch is promoted to the Level 5 Gymboree class for toddlers between 22 to 28mo. For her first Level 5 class last Wed, Ch wasn't very willing to participate in the activities as it was mainly pretend play. Heard from the teacher that for these coming 2 weeks , the theme will be on Firefighters. For this lesson, the children were brought around the equipment and had to pretend to be firefighters climbing low and high, rescuing cats and extinguishing fire.

Extinguishing the "fire" 

This equipment represents an apartment that is on fire. The children had to pretend the skipping ropes were water hoses and use them to spray water onto the "fire". There were toy cats in the apartment and the kids had to climb up to rescue them. Ch kept insisting the skipping ropes were... well, skipping ropes. I guess she didn't even know what a firefighter or a fire truck are.

They were also given hula hoops to pretend as steering wheels so that they can drive the fire truck. Ah... this she knew coz she had driven the giraffe kiddy ride at IMM. She also sat on the fire truck. The kids had to balance themselves while on the moving fire truck which was pulled by the teacher. Ch had this blur look throughout the ride.

The Gymboree fire truck

The children had to climb up slopes with obstacles and jump down from a platform. Our dear little girl refused to do that. She just wanted to sit at the end of the slope and pull the red tape.

But of course, there were familiar things like the songs, maracas and bubble play which Ch enjoy in the Gymboree class. 

In order to get her more interested in firefighters, I borrowed 3 books on the theme. And of course, I made a firefighter paper doll with her. Now, at least she is able to recognise a fire truck, a firefighter's clothes and hat, make the sound of a fire engine and pretend to spray water at "fire".

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  1. they didn't stop you from taking photos? Some centres are very particular... glad Ch is enjoying!

  2. i asked them for permission.. and the teachers were like... "oh! sure!"...

    coz a few lessons ago, i saw a father videoing his son during class... so tt's why i thot of taking some photos of her in the class... coz.. sigh.. there're not that many chances left for her to attend the class. how sad, since she loves the gymboree class so much.

  3. at lil gym last time, also allowed to take pic/ video. over here i ask permission once, that guy gave me look, say, why not? somemore. i guess only spore wld hv some ctrs tt forbid, although i think it actually generates publicity for ctr when parents take pics! confident ctrs wld allow pics i guess?


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