Playing the violin

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In one of the episodes of the Little Einsteins, Quincy played the violin to help in a mission. Ch noticed how it was done and during lunch that day, she took her chopsticks and pretended to play the violin!

I didn't really know what she was doing then, but she mouthed softly "Just like Quincy!". It was then that I realised what she was trying to do. After correcting the positions of the chopsticks a little, she managed to strike the pose as shown in the photo.

Then I told her that her godfather plays the violin very well, and asked if she wants to learn to play the violin too. She nodded and smiled. Haha!

Update (23 Sept 2014)
Ch started learning the violin from her school enrichment program in Primary 1 (2012) which was then conducted by her godfather. She is now a part of the String Ensemble in her school. 

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  1. hey, u shd send her for some music lessons... realise that Charlene really into music and arts.....potential..

  2. haha.. i realise too.. esp recently, we notice tt she sings a lot... as in.. she makes up her own songs... she uses some of the tunes that she knows and add her own lyrics!! haha!!

    yesterday.. zhiyang asked her to sing a song abt cookie monster... and she actually did it!! so funny!!

    and this morning.. i asked her to sing a song abt "i love you".. and her whole song went "i love you... i love you... i love you... " :) but i couldn't make out which tune she used...

  3. hahaha.... thats great... a young composer...
    Dun waste her talent..

  4. godfather would be happy to teach her! :-) and hey she seems v compatible for T. maybe they can make up their wedding song tog in future, haha.

  5. aiyoh!!! anna!!!

    i'm glad u managed to catch up on all my blog entries. :) i'm following yours too!!

  6. ya finally got time, but my blog still got long backlog. arrgggh. starting to feel cannot keep up liao...


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