Back to school, back to work

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Have gone back to work for 2 weeks, and surprisingly, I didn't/ haven't had any "withdrawal symptoms" from being SAHM for the past 5 months. Life just went on as before I took my no pay leave. The familiar shoulder aches from leaning over to mark worksheets and planing lessons using the ibook, the accumulated tiredness over the week and the no-time-to-tidy-house habit are back though.

Perhaps after recharging myself for 5 months, I seem to be more ready to face the students (am crossing my fingers). Am given three Sec 3 Sci (Chem) classes, and sharing 3 other Sec 4 classes with a colleague. Think my workload is the lightest among my colleagues, so I'm not complaining :)

Ch cried terribly the first few mornings when ZY carried her to the car to drive her to my mil's place. But the cryings got lesser and milder over the next few days. Now, after 2 weeks, she has accepted the wake-up-at-6 o'clock-routine once again.

I'm so thankful to everyone (from HOD, to P, to whoever handled my no pay leave application in MOE HQ, to my colleagues for taking my workload) for granting these precious 5 months to me. Without it, I don't think I could have fostered such a close bond with Ch, and to be able to bring her for her favourite Gymboree class & other outings. I wouldn't be able to witness and be a part of her cognitive and physical developments too!

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  1. happy for you. the crying must have been heartaching! glad it is over now and everything is back to a stable routine. now my routine is very bad, everything messed up by the camp and travelling. trying to get house and kids in order for myself now. :-)


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