JCOC Family Camp at Puteri Resort, Malacca (2007)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Camp briefing on the first day when we reached.

To dear D (Chee), and Agl: thank you for encouraging us to go for this family camp. We enjoyed ourselves very much and learnt alot. My spiritual relationship with God has also been strengthened.

In brief, our church camp was held between 10 to 13 Jun 07. Initially, we decided not to go coz ZY wasn't sure if he could take leave during that period due to work commitments. Plus, we read bad comments about this resort, and we were worried that Ch's meals would be compromised. Fortunately, our friend Agl assured that she'll help to prepare Ch and ML's (her 2nd dd) porridge.

It was really an experience going for the camp once again. Haven't participated for many years, and this time round, I'm going as a mom. So, we got 2 luggage bags plus a few small bags. Ch's stuff filled up most of the bags (as usual), especially with the slow cooker and some vegetables. But this was also the 1st time we drove to Malaysia! With friends Vijay and G in our car, the journey wasn't too boring :)

Though my attention was split between listening to the speaker and attending to Ch during lessons, I managed to pick out a few points here and there. Also enjoyed the games and especially the family night (though I didn't do much for our group item).

Au (Chan) taught us a "macho clap" and "gu-niang clap" which amused everyone! Instantly, these two actions gelled the whole congregation! Even now, Ch does the gu-niang clap at home!! Heard that MX does that too!

I'm delighted to see that MX and Ch have become closer after this camp. Ch'll always talk about MX when at home. And she likes to play with both MX and ML!

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  1. see the photos want to cry... i miss the camp and everyone so much! the camp here is also nice but very different! i grew up with the Spore style camps, really miss that. I think we were at this same resort when Justus was a few mths old too? angeling, am i correct? there was one camp, anna wu, angeling and i all shared porridge too. hee. miss that.

  2. really glad you went, and enjoyed yourselves. it is very heartwarming to see ch getting close to all the church pple too. i would want my kids to have their best friends in the church too. :-)

  3. yeah anna, think tt's the resort u went.

    i enjoyed the cooking porridge part! coz the kids got to play together in the room... and angeling and i got to chat.. something which is often neglected due to our kids and other commitments.

    how i wished u were there too! am sure angeling shares the same sentiments as me! right angeling??

  4. Ya man, kept thinking about that last camp too, where we passed notes from under the door. But I think it's a different camp, pool and all were different. Wish 3 of us could all go tog next time. MX was counting her age in a few years time (ie, "4 years old, 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old) and thinking aloud when T would come back.

  5. Have just added 2 more photos to this album. Btw, the theme for this year's camp is "Beautiful Me".

  6. yes yes! i wish i was there and hope to join in soon! glad to hear MX still thinking abt T! yay.


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