Charlene learning Bio :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

I left my university Biology textbook (Starr and Taggart) on my dining table last Sat and Ch asked to read it. So, I took the opportunity to explain about the components of the human blood. Wonder what my Bio students will say if they see this???

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  1. I feel gulity man. Haha... Charlence knows a lots! She is so cute!

  2. I think Charlene is clever than me now!
    Oh no. i'm losing to a child in BIO! arghhh!

  3. haha, so cute. she is very diligent and attentive lei!

  4. Wanru... there are also many things that u know in Bio tt Ch still doesn't know la... so she's not really cleverer than u :)

    I must say that she's really attentive to what I said.. but hmm.. I wonder how much she can remember now... maybe I shld test her again and see (haha!)


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