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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Post ONE
I'm sitting on my couch, waiting for dinner to be served. No, not by ZY but by a new addition to my family- my domestic helper. I've more or less become a typical Singaporean working mum- first comes the baby, then comes the car, and when second baby comes, domestic help also arrives. Been resisting or rather, delaying this idea of employing a helper for quite a long while. But as baby no. 2 is coming (in about 3 months time!), we thought maybe a helper would be useful for my MIL. Our helper has been here for exactly 2 weeks now, and the house has never been SO clean before!! The floor squeaks when we walk, the toilet floors and kitchen tops are stainless, everywhere is dust-free, and even our plastic bags collected over the years are neatly folded and stacked! Even after cooking, I don't have to wash the dishes!! I'm hoping and praying that this helper can be as enthusiastic and responsible as she is now until she leaves us. 

Post TWO
Charlene has changed slightly in the manner she plays and talks- more mature, but yet rougher. This could be because both my godsons, T and J, have come back from America. She has been playing with them on Sundays and on other occasions. Now, she has learnt to recognise Ultraman figurines and drawings and calls them Dyna. She is slightly more aggresive and domineering when she plays. Probably beneficial for her, coz it'll toughen her and prepare her for playschool??

She also has weird ideas and reasons. Like the recent stay at Sentosa, she wanted to defecate. So she said something like this:

Ch: Mommy, I want to defecate. My faeces are at my "" (translated as buttocks) so I must save them and let them go home to the toilet bowl.

Mommy and Daddy: LOL!

Baby no. 2, aka Lucas, is quite different from Ch. At least when it comes to loud noises. I remember when I was pregnant with Ch, she would react quite violently when I was in an environment with loud noises. Like when I watched a movie, or when we went for a wedding dinner. She kicked and punched me so much when the loud noises/ music started. Whereas for Lucas, he's totally the opposite. I watched the Incredible Hulk last Friday. ZY kept asking if Lucas moved, but then, he only gave occasional kicks to indicate his presence. No violent reaction. 

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  1. hee.. i hope ZY feels ok about her "change". i am so worried he will find the boys a negative influence on her! Maybe she'll change back after we've left, or maybe she'll be more so, since she's having a brother! :-)

  2. wow.... sounds like having a domestic helper is great. I would love to have that sort of help! btw, you have fixed metal grills on your windows yet?

  3. wait till your Singapore Power bill arrives... CONFIRM water consumption go up... probably more than double!!! :p

  4. yy, yup... i fixed metal grilles on my windows when ch reached 2 yrs.

    pam, i don't think i wanna see the bill!! my helper wanted to mop the floor everyday... zy was concerned abt the water bill... so we only ask her to mop 2x a week ;) but fortunately for her.. up till now, she seems to be quite good at saving water. when she turns on the water tap, it's usually the acceptable volume. plus when she washes clothes, she'll keep the water for some other purposes. so far ok. heard tt u'll be adopting a helper too ya???

  5. hahaha yeah we adopting my sister's helper for a few months (at most a year) while my sister's overseas. good trial for us, I suppose, to see if we'd be used to having one. probably will have to get one of our own when we have #2. see how lah.

    haven't seen you guys in awhile. must meet up soon :)


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