Baby No. 2... Girl or Boy??

Saturday, April 26, 2008

On the 10th of Dec last year, I received a very interesting sms from my colleague, EW. It read "I dreamt that you brought your child to school and I play with HIM! It's a sign! Haha..." At that time, I thought that it was funny as I wasn't even pregnant yet. 

Now that I'm pregnant, there has been so many guesses about Baby's gender. The usual questions I hear are "Is baby a boy or girl?", "Do you prefer a boy or girl?" etc. Personally, both genders are fine for me and ZY. Another girl will be good because Ch and the baby can share all the clothes and toys. And I would think that they'll be closer when older too. But a boy is also fine. People say that a boy and a girl makes the [hao] Chinese word. But then, looking at my friends, this combination would probably mean that the siblings will not be as close when they are older.

So, when I knew that I was pregnant, I casually asked Ch about Baby's gender. She said "Baby is a boy". Haha! Is a child's intuition really true? In school, there are so many speculations too. People look at the size and shape of my bump, my complexion, my pregnancy symptoms and give their opinions. Some will say... my face looks so radiant.. this must be a girl. On the other hand, some will say... my face does not have a glow... must be a boy. Contradicting words based on the same feature. Hmm... I suppose these are subjective.

I once told ZY that if Baby were to be a girl, I'll stop at two. Don't want to be in that situation where people start asking if I am trying for a boy for the 3rd child (if I were to be pregnant again). It'll be worse if the 3rd child turns out to be a girl again. Can imagine people will start saying sympathetically "Oh.. it's ok. 3 girls are good too. Closer to the mom." 

So, yesterday after the detailed scan at KKH... I told ZY- "Haha... you have a chance of having three children in the future!!"

Get it?? *wink*

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  1. A... I think I got it? o.0? Haha... E.g. Kenneth and me like that? Hmm...

  2. congrats! hehe... your reasons for 3 are different from mine. i might try for 3rd one cos i don't have a daughter yet! hehe. so i'm going to have a godson! yay.

  3. it's a boy then?!!! Congratulations! seems like a maths question! : )

  4. wow congrats! can't wait to see how Baby2 will look like!

  5. congrats your question v chim haha must be a boy right ?


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