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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Was reading through my previous blogs and laughing at all the cute and funny things Ch has done or said. I decided to post an entry since it's been a long while since I update on her development.

She's into drawing faces recently. Perhaps since a few months ago. It started with just us drawing a circle, then she'll fill in the eyes, nose and mouth. Then it progressed to her drawing the circle herself, and filling in the parts of a face. Sometimes, it'll be a smiley face, sometimes a sad face.

And about 3 weeks ago, she started adding another feature - hair.

Then about a week or so after that, her figures started having hands and legs!

Though the figures look simple, I'm still proud that she can control her pen well enough to come up with such pictures. In fact, when I look at them, it reminds me of my first godson, T. He used to send pictures of stickmen looking like this too.

update (25 Mar 2008):
This was drawn by Ch on 14 Mar 08. Kind of looked like a man's side profile doesn't it? And this time round, she has added another feature to her faces- spectacles. Interestingly, she draws two vertical lines on the horizontal line (the part near the nose which holds the lenses together). Can you guess what the two lines represent?

I didn't really notice the way she draws her spectacles until one evening. Somehow it dawned on me that her spectacles are always drawn the same way (i.e. with the two short vertical lines). So I asked her "What are the two lines?". She pointed to the bridges (is that what they're called?) of my spectacles and said "There, like yours.".

It's amazing how much kids notice and we don't.

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  1. oh... tats so cute....

    Megane also drew a picture... N i think she drew Baby Jolin... cos really looks alike.. Ask Yen to show it to u.... :)

  2. Haha... Mdm Heng, ya finally updated! Its fun looking at little children art pieces cause they got really creative minds!

  3. haha, ya! the stick figures are so cute! and remind me of T's drawings too. J is still drawing just faces. his faces only have straight mouth lines lei, he def hasn't reached the level of fine motor control Ch has yet! yup, must keep a record of all these drawings! :-)

  4. added an update to this blog :)

  5. Haha... Char is really very observant!


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