Hello Baby No. 2!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meet Baby No. 2, the new addition to my life.

Baby No. 2... lives in me, taking my nutrients and oxygen (my colleague, YZ, refers to it as a parasite).

This 3rd pregnancy has been so different from the 2nd (for those who didn't know, my 1st pregnancy was an ectopic case). I have a stronger nauseating feel, more vomiting scenes, more tiredness, a bigger bump, more bloatedness, more breathlessness, but less appetite. I'm so sensitive to smells now. Any kind of smell. Like the smell of perspiration, the smell from the toilet, the smell of food on my clothes. All these make me wanna puke. I felt so terrible and so weak last weekend that I ended breaking down and I cried. Ch was very nice, and she kept asking me "Mommy, why are you crying? Are you feeling better?" And she kept wanting to sing to Baby. Oh, it was so comforting to hear that from my girl. 

Something to confess (in case any of my students are reading this right now), I've not been marking much. In fact, I think I've only managed to mark one set of worksheets so far this year! I've been so tired after school ends, so all I can manage is to drive myself home without puking along the way, then plop my heavy body on the sofa or bed and snooze until ZY comes back. After having dinner and picking Ch up from my MIL's place, I'll engage in my usual activity- lying down and resting... until Ch sleeps. That's when I sleep too. Looking at the piles and piles of worksheets on my table in the staffroom, I think if this goes on, I'll probably be able to stack enough paper to hide myself from the rest!

So now, all I want for Chinese New Year is to be able to finish marking 50% of my stuff, and not to puke on the way when we go for New Year visitations.

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  1. hi hi mary


    u can write a short blog, meaning you are feeling better now.. keke!!

    All the best to you.. take the chance to rest :)

  2. mary ! grit your teeth ! oh finally someone understand what i went thru twice !!!

  3. haha... yen... sound so happy that someone finally know how u been thru... just joking...

    Mary..... Jia You!!

  4. haha, yen... yes yes... i fully understand now!!!!

    sigh.. can't seem to upload my picture of the scan!

  5. WHOAH!!! ms heng.... Another baby is on its way... Charlene gonna be a big sister soon.. WHOAH!!! I'm so happy :) Congrats!! Hope you feel better..

  6. hang in there! the hCG level supposed to peak at 2.5 mths and wane after that. so the symptoms of nausea supp to abate. on the bright side, strong symptoms indicate stable pregnancy. :-)
    will continue to pray for you! and just rest more lah. don't set so many worksheets lor. haha. the students would be happy too. not so sure abt the HOD.

  7. hey congrats and hope u are feeling better now! rem to bring more plastic bags when you go Cny visiting!

  8. Wow Mdm Heng! Then you must be having a hard time trying to teach us!!! Pity you! Jia you! =)) Charlene is so adorable!!!

  9. Hi Kat's sister! HJ here. Congrats on No2!! Nothing is smooth sailing but ain't it such a joy on seeing Charlene.. soon you will have double joy.. ;)

  10. thank you all for the well wishes! i'll hang on there!! :)

  11. Hiya!!!! Congratulations from Germany! So, you finally fulfilled Zhiyang's wish. When is the due date? End Sept? You are the queen again for the next 8 months. It's time again to demand for anything from your man! : )

  12. Yea! Congrats Mdm Heng! You are going to be a mother again. :)
    Take care of yourself~ I guess your students will not blame a pregnant lady, so just throw those worksheets aside. Health Come first!

    Anw, Happy Chinese New Year!

  13. haha yy.. yup.. zy's very pleased :)

    due date shld be mid sept. and yup... i'm feelg like a queen alr... coz zy does a lot of the work... and entertains charlene while i rest :) it's really tiring to have to take care of her during pregnancy. even when i carry her, i'll feel breathless after a few steps!

  14. Hehe... Aft face-booking, shld Multiply a bit too! LOL. Haha... =)

  15. Mdm Heng! Good luck marking our papers! Take a rest if you're feeling queasy! =)

  16. just wanna update everyone on my progress.

    i'm feeling better, with occasional nausea still. but appetite's getting slightly better.

    dun think i'm putting on much weight yet (in fact, i lost 1.5 kg since pregnancy), but am really praying hard that this'll get better.

    one day when Ch saw me vomiting, she asked me "mommy, why don't baby pop out from your tummy yet? then you won't vomit!"


  17. Hahaha... Ch so cute! Wow! Mdm Heng! Jia You! I see ya going to the toilet often! Hehe...


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