Singspiration 1 Jan 08

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This video was taken shortly after our countdown. We had so much problem trying to connect to my dear friends, SJ and Anna who are currently in Utah, through Skype. Perhaps the connection at our church building is not too good, thus either we couldn't see them, or they only saw a still image of us.

Fortunately, we could hear each other quite well, so ended up singing instead. What a magical moment... to be able to sing together despite being apart in two different continents and across different time zones!!! The power of technology indeed!

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  1. I find this so touching, almost want to cry liao. We coudlnt' see all of you, thanks for giving me this perspective! I had a sore throat and didn't sing, but i could hear the melodious voices. That already made the moment very touching for us.

  2. Furthermore, we really really miss the singing back home. It's so different over here. SJ led a singing workshop here for sometime, but only a few people turn up each time. It is not so spontaneous like you all! We felt so good! Cos usually it is just me and SJ, no one else to sing and try out new songs.

  3. Please help me to tell everyone, thank you so much for making this morning so magical for us. We'll hold on to this wonderful memory till we return to visit! Esp to sis Dorcas and bro Chee Meng. I didn't know they were singing as well!

  4. :) you're welcome

    I found the moment very touching too... it's an unexplainable feeling... how I wish that all of you could appear in front of us!

    heh heh heh... btw... when T was on the screen, Ch squeezed her way through the crowd of people to the comp... and she said "hello, gor gor Titus!"... it was so cute!!!
    Eunice joked and said that she's saying hello to her long-distance bf, and even took a pic of that moment!! I'll get the pic fr her and post it in multiply for you to see ;)

    Will convey your msg to everyone this Wed ;)

    btw.. Angeling asked when you'll be moving over to China.


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