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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

To celebrate the close of year 2007 and to welcome 2008, our enthusiastic youth organised a bbq for our congregation. There was a lot of good food and barbequed stuff. I loved the bbq chicken and so did Ch! When I set her down on a chair to feed her porridge, she asked "Mommy, where's the barbeque chicken wing?" 

Other food I enjoyed were the kim-chi rice cooked by Jessica, the delicious porridge by Sharon, and of course, the unforgettable "dao-pok" prepared by Lawrence.

Because I took a long time to feed Ch, I was also lavished with lots of bbq food from various people. This must be the advantage of a mom with a young kid! 

After the sumptuous dinner, it was treasure-hunting time. Ch, behaving like one of the youth, wanted to participate too. So, I had to carry her while hunting for clues! We had to climb up and down the stairs, run around etc. I got so tired that it felt like I had burnt off all the calories taken during the dinner! But it was great fun, and I must admit that if Ch had not said that she wants to join in, I would have probably just sat around. Come to think of it, it has been a long time since I joined in such games too.

Ch used ZY's handphone to take some pictures. Don't you agree with me that they look well taken? At least, all the subjects are in the photos.

It is really nice to see everyone so at ease with one another, and to be able to chat together. We even tried to connect to our dear friends, SJ and Anna who are in Utah, through Skype! Though not very successful in video conferencing, we enjoyed ourselves singing with SJ. He even showed us snow! 

See the video here Singspiration_1_Jan_08

Today's the first time we allow Ch to sleep so late. She played so much, that in the end around 1+ am, she decided that it was enough. Came to me and told me that she wanted to go home and read her storybook. True enough, she knocked out in the car on the way home.

Thinking back, 2007 has been a blessed year for me. I hope that with God's blessings, 2008 will be as good, if not, better. I'll probably not set resolutions for myself, as I usually forget about them after a while. Maybe I'll just remind myself to do the best I can for each task or challenge that comes my way. And to be a better example to people around me.

Also, special thanks to the following people (not in order of importance hor...)
Timothy and Lawrence: for playing and entertaining Ch during her dinner so that she can finish most of the porridge

Lai Mui: for loading my plate with food

Sharon: for helping me to find a suitable container to put the dessert my mom prepared

Shan Shan: for entertaining Ch

Eunice: for feeding (and sacrificing her chicken wing to Ch) and entertaining Ch. And for helping to buy Coke for me!

Dorcas: for helping to take care of Ch and for washing her milk bottle!

Peter: for getting the dao-pok and fork for Ch.

And to everyone who played a part in entertaining Ch throughout the night! Without you, I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself too!

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  1. eh she even took pic of bro Eddy! haha. and eh, you also like Coke so much? Sj just came back from the countdown with the church here. Not many turned up and everyone left right after the countdown, so SJ said, very different, he misses you all so much at these instances.

  2. haha, yup.. Coke is NICE esp after a workout!! or.. treasure hunt in this case ;)

    Everyone was so excited when we managed to hook to SJ.. esp when he "waved" J in front of the screen... it would hv been perfect if both sides were able to see and hear each other. Chee Meng even joked and said to Andrew that we shld pay more to upgrade our internet connection!!


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