My great achievement!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

4:11 am, Dec 18 2007. This marks a great moment- the completion of the game "The Sims 2: Castaway" on my Nintendo DS!!!! After 49 hours 13 mins of play...Yes!!!  I finally conquered this game!!!

My eyes are now bleary, and I think I'm seeing double images... but all these in exchange for this moment... IT'S WORTH IT!! haha!

ZY says I've gone crazy over my DS.. perhaps I do.. coz I'll bother to read through guides just to complete the games... hee hee, and this is the 2nd game I've completed (actually). The 1st was "The New Super Mario Bros"!

Here's a video clip of the Castaway game itself- for those of you who have no idea what The Sims is... and perhaps to entice you to play this game??

DS Producer Walkthrough - Sims 2: Castaway - Electronic Arts

Posted Oct 16, 2007
Survive in style with this overview of the new Sims DS title.

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  1. 49 hours continuous? how did you manage that?

  2. oooh ilove all the Sims! next time i return to spore, lend me??? please?

  3. no no.. yy... it's 49hours.. but broken up into different sessions.. but most of the time.. i play only at nite... after charlene sleeps.. occasionallly, i'll play when she's ard.. but that's when i'm super tempted to continue the game ;)

    i was able to play The Sims series on PC for like 24 hrs straight... w/o sleep... when ch was not born yet la.. now... can't.

    anna.. sure!! when u come back.. i'll definitely lend it to you!! haha.. rem tt u and ur sis are also The Sims fans!

    me playing this game again.. trying to see if i use less time to complete it!! haha!


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