Holiday to Malacca

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Just came back from our Malacca trip. Our initial holiday plan was to visit to Hong Kong with Ch, then it was changed to Perth (coz ZY was concerned of the air and water pollutions at HK), then to Bangkok (coz it's not worth paying so much tax to go Perth for just 1 week), then to Bintan (coz Thailand will be having their elections, so may not be very safe), then to just having 2 nights stay at Rasa Sentosa (coz the food's expensive at Bintan, and we're not sure if Ch will be used to the food), then finally to Malacca (coz it's crazy to pay $500 for 2 nights stay just in Singapore).

SInce we drove up to Malacca for our church camp in June, we decided to try the 4-hour coach ride instead. It was pretty fun coz it was Charlene's 1st experience too! Our objectives for this trip were simple:

1. To just get out of Singapore for a few days (my version: to get my passport "chopped")
2. To go back to Malacca, my hometown where I was born
3. To walk around this historic place since ZY and Ch have not been there. We planned to cover Jonker Street and the Stadthuys (where I used to go for church service with my grandmother at the Christ Church when I was young)
4. To eat Cendol and the famous chicken rice balls

Our trip started on Tue 3/12 around 8am. The journey was not as long as expected coz teh driver drove so fast. So fast that I was worried for Ch's safety...and I forced myself not to doze off (which is a personal achievement coz I usually sleep on long journeys). Both ZY and Ch had a long sleep though.

Hotel Equatorial is nice and cozy. And with its strategic location, we were able to get around by foot easily.

We went for Japanese food after we left our luggage in the room. During lunch, ZY helped Ch call my MIL. This girl ah! she can really talk! She talked on the phone for so long that the waitresses nearby were amused too. 

The next day, after a heavy buffet breakfast, we were out walking around (and eating) for 6 hours. My calves were so tired that when I climb down stairs now, they still hurt!

First, we visited the replica of the Istana of the Melaka Sultan.

We told Ch that this was the palace of the king and queen long time ago... boy! it led to so many questions from her after that!!

Ch: Where's the king and queen?
Us: They're not here anymore. They passed away long long time ago.
Ch: Why they passed away?
Us: B'cos they grew older and older, then they passed away.
Ch: Why did they grow older?
Us: B'cos everyday, we are growing older. The king and queen also grew older everyday.
Ch: Why they pass away?
Us: (speechless!)

Nearby was A'Farmosa. There, I tried explaining to Ch about the cannons and what they were used for. After about 1 min of explanation, she looked at me and asked "Mommy, what are you talking about ah?" LOL

On the way up the fortress, Ch sang the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill"... then came the questions.

Ch: Why did Jack and Jill fall down?
Me: B'cos they lost their balance.
Ch: Why they lose their balance?
Me: B'cos they did not stand properly, so they lost their balance and fell down the hill.
Ch: Why Jack broke his crown?
Me: B'cos he fell down, so he hurt his head.
Ch: Why he fell down?
Me: Arrgghhhh!!

I could tell that ZY appreciated all the historical architecture and things. He would admire the buildings and read the historical facts on the boards while I looked at them superfically.

But when I got to the Stadthuys, it was my turn to be excited and I started telling my own history of how my father would drive us down to the Christ Church for Sunday worship and that I would always eat the famous cendol dessert that came along in a pushcart outside the church.

Below show the famous red buildings- the Christ Church, and the Clock Tower.

Not sure if this was the same cendol stall that I ate from years ago, but I heard from one of the church workers that it has very delicious cendol. Of course I had to order a bowl to try! It was pretty good, but not the same as what I had in my memory. The coconut milk taste wasn't very strong, though the characteristic taste of the famous gula melaka is present. Ch also tasted it, and she liked it too!

Further down is Jonker Street, aka Jalan Hang Jebat, where it is famous for the antique shops and old shophouses. 


We hunted for the chicken rice balls and found many shops selling this. Finally we decided on the Farmosa Chicken Rice Ball.

Personally, I prefer our local chicken rice coz it's more fragrant and soft and the meat's more tender. We were recommended the kampung chicken so, maybe that explains the "tough" meat. As usual, Ch "attacked" her favourite cucumber slices that came along with the chicken.

After the chicken rice lunch, we carried on our walk down the street. It started to drizzle so we hid in a nearby cafe that were frequented by many Caucasians.

We took the chance to snap the photo below while Ch was exploring the cafe herself. It is very seldom that we get to take our own photos ever since Ch was born. Haha... very funny coz we noticed that when the camera clicked, Ch was actually smiling and posing beside ZY!! She must have felt neglected coz shortly after, she asked ZY to take her photos.


In the evening, we went for our free Peranakan dinner provided by our hotel. The experience was truly pleasant as none of us have tried this cuisine before. We went in with anticipation and we were not disappointed at all! Each dish was so delicious! And the sambal belachan was heavenly! I even took a second helping of the rice just to eat more sambal belachan and the food! They even had cendol as our dessert... Nyonya style. Mmm... it tasted much nicer than the one I had in the afternoon. The amount of coconut milk was just right, and with the shaved ice and gula melaka, it was a great way to end the dinner.


Our last day in Malacca was spent having a long breakfast and taking some photos in the hotel as it rained very heavily outside. During breakfast, Ch noticed a waiter wearing spectacles.

Ch: Why the uncle wear spectacles?
Me: Bcos he's short-sighted. He can't see things that are far clearly. Just like Mommy.
Ch: Daddy, next time I buy spectacles for you.
ZY: Oh... no need... maybe next time when I'm older.

Immediately after what ZY said, Ch turned to me, touched my hand and said: "Oh Mommy, you're old!"


*Above 2 photos show Ch imitating the dwarfs.

On the whole, though it was a short vacation, we achieved all our objectives . Perhaps the next time we visit Malacca again, we'll stay at one of the cheaper boutique hotels and try out more types of food!

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  1. i enjoyed all the pictures! so nice to see how you all enjoyed yourself! we went to the A'farmosa resort b4 with T too, J not born yet. But we didn't have the childhood memories you had, which made the trip richer in experience, I guess!

  2. Very nice!!! makes me wanna go to eat all the food and sambal too!!!


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