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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guess who owns the Playstation 3 console???

This latest toy is officially added to our family of Xbox and 2 Nintendo DS Lite this afternoon around noon.

The video of the "opening ceremony" is found here.

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  1. No wonder.... CY keep asking GT to buy.....
    I said NO
    he said i made him deprive....


  2. hey... ytd...ZY was juz saying.. if only GT buys the PS3 too.. then both of them can play tog!!

  3. haha.... ya lor..
    Tats why CY msn me to ask me to get GT to buy it....

    Anyway, GT learnt about CY's new toy already... he already said he wants to go over to your house very soon.. hahaha!!!

    oh no!!

    BTW, how much is it? perhaps i just get him this instead of a palmtop, for his bday as i still owe him a pressie...


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