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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's been a long time since I post anything here, or blog about Ch. Hopefully, now that my school hols have officially started, I can have more time to blog. Been missing this leisure activity actually.

ZY and I noticed that over these few weeks, Ch seem to have blossomed into a more mature little girl. My friend, Cuiwei, commented that she seems like a 12-year old gal trapped in a 2-year old body! haha! I feel that too! Though some of the things she said/do amuse us, it also scares me.. coz I wonder how much is actually stored in her brain!

Here are a few examples:

1. A couple of weeks ago, out of the blue, she asked me "妈妈,你还没有生baby给我hor?" Amused, I smiled and replied "ya...". Then her classic reply "很久了leh!" *faint!*

(for those who don't understand/can't see the chinese words, she said that I haven't given her a sibling. Then she continued by saying that it's already so long!)

2. Usually when she mispronounces a word, I'll ask her to look at my mouth while I repeat it. So the following episode happened last Sat at Delifrance. My colleague, EW, his wife and bb, were with us too. 

During our conversation, Ch interrupted us and said to my colleague "Look at my mouth... say... na." We were stunned for a while, then all of us burst out laughing!

3. She asks A LOT of 'why' questions nowadays... like "mommy, why did you tie your hair?"... "why wear sandals"... "why need the car?" (when we bring her out).. etc. AND she TALKS A LOT! Even without an audience! haha! There was one weekend morn when both ZY and I were so tired coz we watch TV until quite late into the night. As usual, Ch woke up earlier than us, and she came over to our room. She started talking and talking and talking.. basically the whole 1 hour was just her talking and we trying to sleep. In the end, ZY told her that her talking actually gave him a headache!!! Wow!

Yup... this is Ch... 
at 2 years 3 months. 一个小大人

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  1. haha... yeah.. she really grown into a big gal.. no more a toddler...the way you dressed her up... she is so cute... 长不大的我 also dress like charlene...haha...

    Oh yes... its time for another sibling for her... she will be glad tol help you out alot....

  2. Yes your little girl is very cute. But she doesn't know me yet. So was very shy at prom night. I must play with her more often. Hee..

  3. she looks so grownup dressed like that, and with the pillows all so flat, she really can pass off as a teen, without any reference, like in the photo. if you know what i mean. hey next time lets put Titus and Charlene beside each other and let them "why" each other for hours then we just eat a great meal and watch movie ok? :-)

  4. and great to read your blog posts again, really miss them!

  5. Ch really looks different now since the last time I saw her at the zoo!!
    We must find some time to meet up before school opens!

  6. same sentiments! she is getting prettier and losing the baby cuteness!

  7. haha... i'm so amused to see all your replies... :)

    jo: haha... i dunno if i'm mentally prepared for baby no. 2... but then.. this plan for baby no. 2 has been on zhiyang's mind for the past 1 mth!!! so... *cough cough* will let all of u know if it's successful la!

    kuan: ya.. u must play with her more.. she overcomes her shyness pretty quickly... now she knows theresa, sharon and mei yeng. she even asks abt them at times!

    anna: i took those photos after we attended shih shih's wedding dinner at the civil service club. those 3 pieces of clothing were all bought fr tokyo muji.. maybe tt explains why she looks different.. coz her other clothes are not like tt la :)

    and the idea of putting T and Ch tog for them to "why" each other is soooo funny!!! ya.. the next time u come back, we must try out this experiment!!! coz when Ch asks other kids, they just look at her and then walk away!!

    sheryl: yes yes!!! we must meet up again!! b4 u start sch at NUSHigh! will we be in the same cluster??

    yy: i'm actually not looking fwd to her losing the baby cuteness.. haha.. coz prefer her as a baby.. i still call her that.. and when i do.. she starts talking in baby language!! haha.. very funny! she knows how to complement my actions!

    and ya! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU YINGYIN!! How did you celebrate it?

  8. Hee...ok next time when she comes to school, I must intro myself properly. Ooh, that's so cute of her!

  9. Thanks Meixiang, nothing much really, had dinner outside at a thai restaurant. sigh, there goes the twenties. here comes the thirties.


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