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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Saw this video during a meeting for the Lower Sec Sci coordinators. Very interesting as it challenges me as a teacher. It also serves as a timely reminder for my purpose in entering this profession.

What can/do I teach my students to cope with the real world?

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  1. Very interesting. I seldom watch thru long YouTube videos but I watched this from start to end. Very true, not just for our students, even more so for our kids, who are even younger. And who already used a computer before turning 2.

    I think there're lots of possibilities in future and as long as we teach our kids to be a good Christian and citizen, have the correct values and integrity, they should be able to cope and to use the knowledge they gain wisely.

    SJ even says it is not impt whether kids attend Uni in future already. Isn't it true for ourselves? Whenever you don't know something, don't you turn to Google or something on the Net?

    I didn't know how to cook many dishes but everytime I want to try something, I check the websites for recipes. Or when the kids ask me something I can't answer.

    As teachers, we no longer dish out knowledge, right? We are facilitators, like how our NIE lecturers always say. Sometimes the students say they appreciate the stories I tell them more. Cos the Bio facts, they can read it in the text or online. The stories teach them how to learn and how to be a good person. I am sure you touched the lives of many of your students that way too. :-)

    Thanks for this reminder.

  2. yah, the video sets me thinking too. I've been here for 2 months now and i still don't have any dedicated program for Junrui to learn. Need to do research on this but procrastinated.... been busy with the home, cooking, chores and just taking care of daily needs for him. And i think i spend half the day in the kitchen...

  3. haha.. yy... tt's how i felt too.. when i was on no-pay leave... coz i couldn't figure why i hv so little time for myself.. and charlene.. until i realise tt i was in the kitchen half the time!!! so decided to juz cut down on hsework... and spend more time with her.


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