My latest toys

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My latest additions to my "toy" collection *clap clap*:

1. Nintendo DS Lite

Actually, ZY bought it 1st.. then after I bought the New Super Mario Bros game... I became hooked to this!! Ended up hogging ZY's DS so much that he suggested maybe I should just get one myself! Haha... well not a bad idea after all! So, I bought another set... and have been playing the Mario game since then! Just checked my receipt.. I bought the game on 24th Sep, and I completed all the worlds on 18th Nov! Must say that I'm so proud of myself coz usually I don't have the patience to finish a game. I was so exhilarated when I completed the last stage!! So excited that I couldn't sleep for 1 hour!! haha! Anyway, now that I've completed the game, I'm still playing it... to collect all the other things that I missed out the last time.

2. Sony Ericsson k770i 

Just bought this yesterday. Love it!! I had wanted to buy another nokia phone, but ZY convinced me that a sony ericsson's will be better.. since he also uses one. The camera's 3.2megapixel... and it's slim and lightweight!! The best part is... it only costs me $118!! Great deal!

Now, I don't leave house without these 2 gadgets in my bag.

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  1. Wahaha...Mary you are an addict liao now. But at least you still respond when we talk to you. Hee...the other addict is totally oblivous to us.

  2. haha.. kuan... ya... the other addict will be totally engrossed in the game! fortunately she dun own one (yet)... ;p

  3. I think she will own one pretty soon. I remember when she FIRST got addicted and I teased her that she'll buy one soon, she says she'll NEVER buy one. Lately, if u tease her, she will say she's thinking about buying one. Haha. See the change? :) I haven't played it before. I think I shouldn't try. Hahaha.

  4. OH Mary...
    SE is really gd and $118 a very gd price too.. I owned the 1st batch of K800i... and u know la..i bought it bcos of the 3.2megapixel camera... N really worth it.. cos i have been snapping tonns of pics with this SE already....Now i really think its much better than Nokia....however for the video recording... Nokia seem better... BUT i dun need video that much...Yen also bought one and she started snapping photos for Megane n Jolin already......

  5. Yes Theresa pls don't start. I need someone to talk to me about baking. Wahaha...

    So Mary let's see when the other addict will get the game. Hee..

  6. wow, if i am in Spore, Titus will be bugging you to lend him! he played mario bros on the SQ flight to here, and still occasionally asks me to buy for him. he refers to it as the mushroom game. haha. and the phone sounds so yummy!


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