Chinese name for L?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Close to about 2 weeks ago, Ch started picking names for her little brother.

We came home one night and she rushed excitedly to my protruding tummy, calling "俊源,俊源!" My mil said that during the day, Ch went through a few Chinese names with her, and decided (quite firmly) on that particular name. We were amused! What does a 3-year old know about choosing names? Imagine in the future, when others ask L, who chose your name for you? Answer... my elder sister! 

Since then, she insisted that her 弟弟 is called 俊源, no matter how we try to convince her otherwise. I've tried asking around, some of my friends say it reminds them of fishball, maybe coz of the 源 word. One friend commented that it sounds nice, but the word 俊 is not very meaningful. 

My fil also came up with a few names, of which we prefer 浩 (or 昊)文. ZY came up with one too, 俊文. So, now we are still deciding. We are open to comments.

So now, we tell Ch that L may be called 吴俊文 aka 吴俊源. She smiles and nods her head in agreement when we say that.

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  1. Haha... Wow! Ch is so cute + clever! Eh... I don't even know how to all those chinese words that you have written in your post? Except the word didi.. LOL. Hmm...

  2. Hi Mdm Heng
    i personally think Jun Han sound nicer than Jun Wen


  3. Everyone.. drum roll pleaseeee...

    Okie.. we've finally made Lucas' birth cert. His chinese name is Hao(4) Wen(2). But please dun ask Charlene for her bro's name... she'll just tell you it's Jun(4) Yuan(2).


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