Still no signs of L

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In about 23 hrs' time, I'll most probably be in the delivery ward, waiting to be induced. Having mixed feelings now, relieved that everything will be over soon and that we can finally see L. But also, nervous about what is to come and after delivery.

It's been said that induced labour is very painful, more painful than when the body goes into labour naturally. My gynae says so too. I wouldn't know if it was more painful though, coz I was also induced previously. Indeed, it was PAINFUL and uncomfortable as I was strapped on the bed most of the time, waiting for things to happen. There's also this risk of prolonged labour, which may lead to a caesarean instead of a natural delivery.

Am so hoping that contractions can start... like... NOW? Sigh... Almost everyone tells me not to worry, but I still worry. Even today, on the way for my check up, I cried in the car. Nervous about the whole delivery part even though this is the 2nd time.

Was reading about induced labour through the Internet. Everything described seemed so familiar, yet I still feel some uncertainties. Maybe, it's a mother's thing, to worry more. 

Pray for me brethren, for safe and smooth delivery. 

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  1. Mdm Heng! Don't worry too much! Jia yous jia yous! You hv got a lot of supporters!

  2. Mdm Heng! If Lucas is coming out later, you must jy jy! =]


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