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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have gone back to work since 30 Jan '09. Life with 2 kids is fulfilling but definitely energy-zapping. In school, I have to handle 140 students, mark their assignments, plan lessons, manage their discipline etc. At home, I have to spend time talking to Ch, and playing with L. On most days, though I still bring work home to complete, I seldom get a chance to do that unless I sacrifice my sleep at nite. Now I try to stay in school till about 6:30pm, or even later if I know that ZY will come home late, to complete my work. Not a very healthy lifestyle, but I'm still trying to cope. Hopefully this is only temporary.

At least now when I miss Ch and L, I have their photos in the staffroom to cheer me up. 

Now, the board next to my table in the staffroom looks like this. See all the photos I have?

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