Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today, after expressing my breastmilk, I was at the "pantry" as usual, washing all the parts of the hand pump. Our pantry is actually just a big sink with a water dispenser at a corner of the staffroom. So whenever I wash the parts (am using the Ameda pump), people walking past tend to stop and "stare" coz it's at such a strategic location.

So, today while washing the pumps, a pretty old adjunct teacher (note: 'pretty' as in 'quite', not 'beautiful') whose table is near the sink, observed what I was doing. The conversation began (I tried to recall the exact words, but some may differ).

Tr: Oh, what are you washing? They're so small and cute-looking.
Me: Milk bottles.
Tr: Ooh, so you reuse the bottles that came with the milk?
Me: No, er.. well I'm lactating. So I use these to express my milk to give to my baby.
Tr (nodded her head): Oh, the bottles are so cute and small. Did you empty the milk and reuse the bottle?
Me: No, these are for me to express my milk.

She appeared to understand what I said. But after a pause...

Tr: Did you say the name was "Express"??
Me (thinking that she wanted to know what I use the bottles for): Yes.
Tr: Hmm.......... I must try.

I tried so hard to contain my laughter while washing the rest of the pump. But when I walked to my table, I burst out laughing and told other colleagues about it. Everyone had a good laugh. This poor old adjunct teacher must have thought that the brand of milk I bought is called "Express" and that it comes in this small cute plastic bottle!!!!!!!

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  1. hahhahaa...
    who's the teacher&what's her name?
    im so kepo i know! hahhahha..
    or maybe cher, she wanna express her bmilk too..
    hahhahha... *rofl*


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