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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ever since the ibook I used (from school) died on me last Nov, I've been a computer migrant. Used ZY's Macbook, then the old Acer from school, and finally another Acer from my colleague, T. Contemplated buying a Mac, but it'll be incompatible with MOE's intranet coz a VPN token is necessary to log into the intranet (unfortunately the software doesn't run on Mac). But I just can't go back to using a PC as Mac is really so user-friendly.

So... this post is typed on my new toy... the new MacBook! With the help of my colleague, T, who went to the IT show with her hubby, J (thanks for carrying the stuff back!), I got my MacBook at an attractive price! 

Finally, I'm no more a squatter in ZY's MacBook!

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  1. welcome to the club! :) i got mine for zero dollars ;)

  2. you need to teach me how to use the Mac then cos i find it very unfriendly leh...


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