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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Isn't this a beauty? My student, IS, picked this up and gave it to me coz I mentioned during one of my Bio lessons that I love caterpillars. It has a name, given by Ch. She insists that this caterpillar is a SHE, and its name is Nae-mi (probably coz it rhymes like the word "name").

I was quite worried that it would undergo metamorphosis pretty quickly coz it seemed very stressed when I got it initially. IS was nice, and he put in a variety of leaves for Nae-mi. After a day of fasting, it finally settled for a leaf that looked like an Ixora's.

The other worrying thing was that when I got it, it actually broke into 2 parts the next day. Ch saw it and exclaimed "Nae-mi broke her buttocks!" And its head too! Scary... coz the last time when I kept this caterpillar, I din really see this phenomenon. And it happened twice so far. After a Google search, I discover that Nae-mi is actually molting! Yeah! Means that it's growing out of its exoskeleton! Haha, and the head that "dropped".. is actually the head capsule that is shed during molting.

Hopefully, I can witness the pupating part as well as the metamorphosis into a moth. It's like another experiencing another birth again!

Read about caterpillars here.

Added another pic of Nae-mi here. Look at its mean-looking face! It looks like it is posing for me, while bathing in its pile of shit... 


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  1. hahah... er.... Mary, when i saw it, all my hair stands.. hahaha...

  2. cool name for a caterpillar or what? ;)

  3. mary... as i read this post... shivers went down my spine...

  4. come on gals... it's a cute little caterpillar!

    btw.. last check on Nae-mi, it's crawling around its home aka the plastic container. must be looking for more leaves to eat.


  5. errm... this is one of the insects i classify under the "creepy crawlies please get away from me" category haha


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