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Thursday, July 09, 2009

During the recent June hols, we stayed at Siloso Beach Resort. Yes... it's Sentosa again. Somehow, we always end up having our holiday at Sentosa every year. Probably because it's so near and familiar to us, and also because L does not have his passport yet.

This time round, we stayed for 3D2N. Took advantage of the in-house promotion. It included breakfast and lunch. I must say that the two happiest people are Ch and L. They love the room so much that whenever we return to the hotel room, their faces lit up immediately! Ch would rather spend the whole night just playing in the room, than to explore Sentosa or go shopping at Vivocity!

The photo below reminds me of the good times we shared at Sentosa as a family.

L is getting more responsive lately. He responds to "clap your hands" or "拍拍手“. When we ask him "Where's the light? Where's the fan?", he'll look up. He smiles so sweetly when ZY reads his favourite book "Wag my tail". He also understands phrases like "sit down", "sleeping time". He can look in the correct direction when we ask him where Ch is, or Ah Ma, or Daddy, or Aunty Ati (my helper) etc. He's also getting more curious of his surrounding. L likes to grab anything within his reach. This really poses a problem for us when we are in supermarkets. He actually broke a serving tray that cost me about $30 once. We never had such problems with Ch though.

ZY and I joke that L needs to be spanked pretty soon if he continues this way. Well, when that time comes, I hope I'll not be bought over by his cute smiles.

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