Precious SMSes that I treasure

Friday, July 10, 2009

I've been keeping quite a lot of SMSes in my mobile's inbox. Especially wishes from friends and students on my birthday, before and after L was borne.

Here are some that I particularly treasure, as they kept my spirit up when I faced difficulties and when I had so much problems trying to breastfeed L after delivering him. Without these SMSes, I would have probably given up after a few weeks of trying.

The day before I delivered L ...

10-Sep 2008 9:20pm
Hi Madam Heng, TY here. How's everything so far? Any good news?

10 Sep 2008 11:22pm
Hey Mdm Heng! All the best to your new bundle of joy from Lucas! God bless that it will be a smooth delivery ~WanRu

When I found it so difficult to bf L, and with all the tiredness and stress from taking care of him... these SMSes gave me so much encouragement ...

15-Sep 2008 6:56 am
Hey...sounds like he's normal.. thought it must be really abnormal 4u. It's very hard work for mommy. Overwhelming indeed. Don't expect to rest at all in e nights for stretches longer than 2 hrs. If he's sleepy & u're engorged... do pump, even if it's for 10-15mins. Relieve e engorgement. Daytime if fed every 3 hrs, good enough. Remember, no need to stress over volume consumed. If u want, just count no. of wet diapers in 24 hrs, if 6-8, he's fine. He'll prob cry when he pee or poo now, but very soon he'll be used to commercial diapers. Which may not be good but no sweat now... too much 4u to deal with. I can visit u to help abit tonight if u don't get to see LC. ~Linda

15-Sep 2008 6:59am
Praying for u. Be comforted to know that Mary (mother of Jesus) went through all these to breastfeed Jesus. Hang in there. ~Linda

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