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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reading my friend J's blog abt her daughter, I was motivated to do one for L too. 

Based on the website, 

Most babies should be able to . . .
  • Say mama and dada to the right parents
    Hmm.... L seems to be saying da da to ZY, and "mum mum" when he sees me. But I'm highly doubtful coz when he sees food, he says "mum mum" too!! He can say "jie jie" to Ch.. think he learnt to call Ch 1st, followed by my mil, then ZY, then me.

  • Wave goodbye
    He learnt this action a few months ago, but he does it like the 招财猫!

  • Clap hands
    He can also do this very well now, especially when he hears the word "clap"!

  • Understand the word no but doesn’t always obey it
    So true.. sigh... whenever we say "NO" in a stern voice, he smiles at us! Like as if we're playing a game with him!! ARGH! Even when I smack his hand after saying "NO", he continues to repeat the same action... while smiling! He's so unlike Ch, coz Ch obeyed this command readily.

  • Stand alone momentarily
    Yeah... this garang (means having a gung-ho character) boy is testing his ability. We caught him letting go of his support and he was able to stand for a few seconds before hitting the ground on his bums.

  • Play ball and patty cake
    Not sure what patty cake is... but L can DEFINITELY play ball!! ZY is definitely very happy about this. In fact, "ball" was one of the first few words he spoke. Now, he can pick up a small ball, let it drop and bounce, pick it up again, and repeat the whole action. He can also throw a ball to someone facing him. He loves balls. I can actually concentrate on the half an hour to 45 mins sermon on Sundays by just giving him a ball. He'll just crawl round and round the room and play with the ball without disturbing me!

Some babies will probably be able to . . .
  • Say one word other than mama or dada
    Hmm... does "Jie Jie" and "Ball" count here?

  • Drink from a cup independently
    He rejects cups with a spout... only wants to drink directly from the cup. Just like an adult. He can gulp down about 80ml of water at one go. But of course, I have to hold the cup for him.

  • Indicate what he or she wants with gestures other than crying
    Haha, yes indeed. He shakes his head when he doesn't want to do something. He also recently started to open and close his fist... I think he's saying "come here!". He tilts his body and stretches his hand towards the direction he wants to move to when carried.

  • Imitate others
    Oh yes... this too!! When Ch opens her mouth and flaps her arms, he does the same too! Haha! And when we sing hymns during worship, he sings along too! Quite funny coz you'll suddenly hear a voice that's off-pitched among the harmonious chorus.

  • Put toys or object into a container
    This is one of his favourite activity! He can sit alone for about 10min, just putting toys into a container and taking them out. Then he repeats the actions umpteen times. He has full concentration throughout the activity. So, now when I need someone to help keep small toys, I'll ask L. Haha!

Some babies could possibly be able to . . .
  • Stand alone well
    He can't do this yet, but when we support him under his arms, he walks... VERY FAST! 

  • Babble that sounds like her or she is talking a foreign language
    Not sure about this though. 

  • Say two or more words other than mama or dada
    Hmm.. sounds like a repeat of the previous point?

  • Drink from a cup independently 
    See comments from above point.

  • Understand simple instructions
    I must say that he understands when I ask him to give me something, or return something. Like yesterday night, he dropped all the things (like remote control, book) from the table on the floor. I told him "give mommy the book that you dropped on the floor". He looked at me, then at the floor, and slowly bent down to pick the book! I was so amazed! He also understands phrases like "sit down", "lie down", "give".

  • Walk well
    Nope, he can't. I really can't imagine how life will be like when L starts walking! Coz as of now, he's everywhere! And he's just at the crawling stage!!! When he starts walking... I think the house will be in a total mess!

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  1. Clever Lucas

    Talking about this point
    Understand the word no but doesn’t always obey it

    If you read my blog, i scolded her n beat her on this point..SIGH....She thought i m playing with her.. Gosh.. so heartpain to scold n beat her... really. i dun know how to teach.

  2. Yes Jo, read ur post on that.

    I remember when I first beat and scolded Ch, it made me cry so much too. No wonder people always say tt one understands our parents most when we become parents ourselves.

    Just be very very very consistent when u mete out your punishment. Coz once they detect any inconsistency between their actions and your reactions, it becomes very very difficult to correct that anymore. Am speaking from my experience, though the first experience (with Ch) seems to be easier than the second experience (with L) ;p

  3. Is "patty cake" being able to sing or do the actions to the "pat-a-cake" song? I want to hear L sing hymns, must be very amusing to watch!

  4. Wow! Lucas can do some many things already! Haha! I learnt abt consistency with parent's actions in my Psy class! And yes, it will be very difficult to teach when they detect inconsistency!

  5. wow!!! i must do this also.. seems like i'm following your family life.. ;) lucas is so adorable! congratulations as well..


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