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Friday, April 23, 2010

This is L, at 1y9mo. 


He loves imitating his sister, in words and actions. When Ch puts on her bracelets, he does it. When Ch brings her doll out, he wants his teddy too. When Ch carries a backpack, he follows. He loves his sis, but also irritates her. He'll keep her shoes for her, and will bother to take the kitchen cloth to wipe any dirt/ water left on our coffee table.

Recently, he started talking in this manner- e.g. when he sees daddy using his iphone, L will go to him and ask "Daddy, what's this?". After dad replies "it's my phone", he'll respond "Oh? Your phone?" We find this so amusing, coz it's like he's pretending he doesn't know what it is.


On Sunday (18 Apr 2010) in church:
L saw this poster in the babies room while waiting for his milk. Then I heard him, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.... no eight, no nine, no ten..."

On Saturday (3 Jul 2010) at Harbourfront: 
L enjoys shopping like his dad. We were at Mothercare when he started walking around on his own. Shortly after, he came up to me with these 2 swimming costumes and said "I want to buy this for MX and ML (my close friend's daughters)"! 

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  1. wahaha, the swimsuit comment is so funny...

  2. haha L is so adorable, esp the way he said abt the swimsuits, like so grown up!


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