L at 18mths

Sunday, March 14, 2010

(Drew this on L's face during my god-son, J's birthday celebration. He looked so comical that many of my friends took a photo of him too. But oops, he rubbed his face on the sofa, and stained it with the face paint. Sorry gan ma!)

Was reading my past blogs dated 2 years ago... how time flies. As I was reading, I realise that I did so much with Ch when she was between 1 to 2 yrs old! Probably because I was on no-pay leave for about 6 months. Being a SAHM really makes a lot of difference to a child's development and growth. Sigh, I seem to be doing much less for L now. He just turned 18 mo, but he has never attended any enrichment classes. He can't use the spoon to feed himself properly. He doesn't get to go to the zoo as often as Ch did. I didn't really do flashcards with him (only once, I think). I must use this one-week holiday to catch up on what he has missed. 

His developmental milestones so far:

Taken from the health booklet:
Personal social:
1. Your child can indicate what he wants without crying or whining. He may do this by pointing, pulling and making speech-like sounds.

L does this very well. In fact, he either manipulates our hands, or tells us using simple words. Sometimes, he'll even point to the object and say "拿" (take).

2. When you are doing housework, the child copies what you are doing.

Haha, this one I've not seen before. Perhaps it's because I don't do any housework . Hmm, time to take out Ch's cleaning toys for L to experiment 

3. Your child can hold a regular cup himself and drink from it without spilling much. The cup should not have a spout.

L was able to do this since 11 mo. He can hold the cup really well, and finish the drink without much spillage. In fact, he bypassed the sippy cup and drinking from straw stages and went straight to the regular cup. He'll also hold the cup himself. 

When he sees a cup of drink, he'll say 喝水!

Fine motor-adaptive:
4. Your child can pick up a small object like a raisin, using only the ends of his thumbs and index finger.

L uses the pincer grip with ease. He can easily pick up small specks of dirt on tables and floors. 

5. Your child can make purposeful markings on the paper when you give him a pencil.

Recently, he's been writing the number '1' on doodleboards, paper etc. He'll also make his daddy write numbers and alphabets according to what he dictates. Oh ya, he started drawing simple faces today.

6. Your child can put 2 or more blocks one on top of the other, without the blocks falling. This applies to small blocks of about one inch square in size.

Tried this with him.. he can stack 4 blocks so far. Then he'll use his hand to topple the tower of blocks, and give me a cheeky laugh.

7. Your child uses the word "Papa" and "Mama" specifically.

L used to call me "mom" and ZY "dad", but now he calls me "mommy" and "daddy" for ZY. 

8. Without coaching, pointing or helping, your child can point to at least 2 parts of his body such as nose, eyes, ears, hands, hair, legs and stomach, when asked.

Hmm, L can say & point to these parts of his body: hair, head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, chin, cheek, tummy, belly button, hands, fingers, legs, toes, buttocks, penis.

9.  Your child can say at least three words other than Papa/Mama, which means the same things each time he uses them.

L speaks quite well, considering he's a boy. Oh yes, today, he surprised me by saying "enough" to indicate that he didn't want to stay in the bathtub anymore. He also said "dance" and started swaying his arms and body in an awkward and funny way that made all of us laugh so hard.
He can string 3 to 4 words into a sentence. Like "where (is) daddy?" and "where big ball?".

Gross motor:
10. Your child can stand alone, without having to hold on to something, for ten seconds or more.

He definitely does this with ease.

11. Your child can walk well with good balance, rarely falls and does not sway from side to side.

This too. He does have a very good sense of balance. Can dash around and almost nearly falls, but somehow will manage to balance himself and prevent a fall.

12. Your child can walk up several steps of the staircase by himself. He may use the wall or rail for support but not hold on to a person.

I caught him experimenting with the stairs, trying to walk up and down without any forms of support. And he actually did it without falling.

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  1. Ya he stole the show with his cuteness, haha.
    I think the no. 2s, despite having less of our time, develop better EQ and AQ. I believe they will do very well in life as well, perhaps not in the same areas as the no. 1s but certainly socially, emotionally...
    I find myself having to worry abt no. 2 less when they are in school.

  2. yeah I think you're updating your blog much lesser nowadays hahaha... hey! I just discovered this service for printing blogs which I think is quite reasonably priced. http://blogger.sharedbook.com/ I just sent my blog for printing :) can show you when I receive it! Thought you might want to print out your blog for keeps too.

  3. well done Lucas..

    I seem stress to see this blog.. hahaha.. ashlynne dun seem to speak well and link words yet..

  4. Lucas looked very cute in the picture. I feel guilty for my 4 months old Enrui too. We definitely give less attention to our No 2s. I need to write about Enrui's development too but kept delaying. Now, I'm inspired to write abt her today.


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