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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My dear girl. Finally got a chance to see her in her cute kindy uniform on a school day. Usually, I'll leave for work shortly after she wakes to brush her teeth. Today, I only needed to start work at 9am as my school is rehearsing for our school musical production, Wizard of Oz.

So, I took the chance to bring her down to wait for the school bus today. It was really a nice feeling, and I could see that she was delighted too.

On her first day of school, Daddy helped her brush teeth, change and brought her down to wait for the school bus. Should have been Mommy's job, but I had to be in school with my own school kids. Daddy also went to Ch's kindy to see if everything was alright. She cried a little when she noticed Daddy peeping in.

Every evening, ZY and I would ask her if she had a good day, and the things she did in school. Initially, she commented that she didn't like her Chinese class, but she enjoyed the dancing, singing and drawing lessons. Hopefully, after a few more weeks, she'll gradually learn to appreciate and love Chinese lessons.

L is also growing very fast physically and linguistically. He is progressing from single words to two words in a sentence now. Like, he will say "eat bis" (eat biscuit), "Mom neck" (Mom's neck). I love it when he says Mm-ah (for Ah Ma), Da-Du for 大姑, Du-Dang for 姑丈. He can also call my sis, my bil and my parents correctly.

ZY sent me this photo (right) coz L kept saying "bag bag" and refused to take the bag down. He just kept carrying the bag around the house.

I love my kids! Am missing them already!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I can't really recognise Char in her uniform! Its been long since I saw her! =|

  2. Which kindy is that? L looks so cute with that small bag wahahahhaha!

  3. Ch really looks very good in her uniform! L is so cute, he wants to go to sch like jiejie!


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